Rekkles and KCorp Struggle in the French League

If you remember, last season, there were a few anticipated moves during the League of Legends European Championship 2021. The most significant transfer was the announcement of star bot laner Martin "Rekkles" Larsson leaving G2.


After getting subbed by G2 Esports, Rekkles sought a new base in KCorp (Karmine Corp). He will start to compete at the Lique Francaise de League of Legends (LFL), which we think has been a bold yet challenging move. 


Can the Swedish AD carry do the same in the French league as with his local teams? The season before last, he left his long-term team Fnatic to play for G2 Esport, now his moving very quickly to the French league. 


Rekkles Loses His First Match Playing for KCorp


Rekkles is considered one of the best players in Europe and is dubbed as the "King of the North," participating in four League of Legends World Championships and winning LEC titles. In 2018 he even placed 2nd when he was playing with Fnatic. 


Unfortunately, when he joined G2 Esports, the team could not qualify for the Worlds 2021 after showing inconsistent efforts during the LEC. That meant the team ended up coming fourth in the LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs, which marked the first time in Rekkle's career that he missed out on a World Championship position. 


We think that this may have bruised his ego and led to the downfall in his first game. Rekkles is a world-renown player in the League of Legends scene, and rightfully so. 


Taking some losses could have dropped his confidence and led to a slightly weaker performance in his last few games. In the match against Ibai's KOI Squad, Rekkles lost the tight battle by two games to one. 


If you want to be fair on Rekkles, it was first his match since 2013 that he did not play for a team in the LEC or EU LCS. 


Start of the 2022 Season


After joining KCorp, fans will now see Rekkles in a white and blue uniform. The LFL team posted a photo of the ex-LEC player in a Karmine Corp Jersey and announced the roster change on Twitter.


In the upcoming LFL 2022 season, fellow players Lucas "Saken" Fayard and Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet will play aside Rekkels.


Even though Karmine Corp is one of the best teams in the LFL, it seems that Rekkles is struggling to adapt to the change. The first game of the 2022 season the team played was one of the first back in a stadium, and the crowd loved being able to support their favourite national team again.


Being back and wowing the crowd is what the Karmine group missed, but unfortunately, it did not go as planned for the group. 




With a lousy end to last season and a slow start to this year's one, we are wondering if Rekkles and KCorp can turn their terrible fortune around. If they keep their act together, there is an excellent chance that they can turn their position on the league standings around.

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