Overview of the LEC Winter 2024 Split

The LEC Winter 2024 split marks a new beginning for European League of Legends, especially after the region's underwhelming performance in international competitions the previous year. With significant roster changes and the introduction of new teams, the league is buzzing with renewed energy and anticipation.

Key Teams to Watch

  • Rogue's Return: Rogue's comeback to the LEC stage is one of the most talked-about developments. Known for their strategic gameplay, they are expected to bring a fresh competitive edge to the league.
  • Karmine Corp's Entry: The entry of Karmine Corp into the LEC has been met with excitement from fans. Their reputation in the European Masters scene sets high expectations for their performance in the LEC.
  • GIANTS Gaming's Potential: GIANTS Gaming, another team to watch, has been making strategic moves in the off-season, aiming to climb up the ranks in the LEC.

Where to Follow the LEC 2024

  • Official LEC Broadcasts: The primary source for live LEC matches is the official LEC channel on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. These channels provide professional commentary, analysis, and exclusive content.
  • Co-Streaming Partners: LEC 2024 has embraced co-streaming, allowing popular streamers and personalities to broadcast games with their commentary. This move has expanded the league's reach and brought diverse perspectives to the viewing experience.
  • Social Media and Community Platforms: Fans can also follow LEC updates, highlights, and discussions on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, as well as on community forums.

Expectations for the Split

The LEC Winter 2024 split is not just about the games; it's a narrative of redemption, growth, and the ever-evolving landscape of European League of Legends. Teams are not only competing for the title but also to redefine their identities and leave a mark on the international stage.


As the LEC Winter 2024 split unfolds, fans can expect thrilling matches, strategic innovations, and perhaps a few surprises. The split is more than a competition; it's a testament to the resilience and dynamism of the European League of Legends scene. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the scene, the LEC Winter 2024 promises to be an eventful and exciting journey.