New Games by Riot Games

Are you ready to start 2021 with a slew of new and updated games by Riot?


Though 2020 was a trying year and one that resulted in some bad press, Riot Games is rebounding with their new games, updates, and character introductions.


Here are some of the exciting and upcoming games by Riot that players can expect!


Fates: Festival of Beasts


Fans and players of Teamfight Tactics have something to look forward to this year with the launch of Teamfight Tactics – Festival of Bests.


What can players expect from Fates: Festival of Beasts?


The first thing players may notice is that some characters are going to be missing from the lineup and replaced with new champions. Other things that players are going to see with this launch is the departure of Dusk, Moonlight, and Hunter, which were staple comps in the game.




League of Legends has kicked off 2021 with a trailer for Ruination, which also introduced the world to the newest champion to join the League of Legends roster, Viego.


Ruination's backstory and why it is causing quite the stir for League of Legends fans are said to bring together some of the games' most vicious creatures – everyone from Kalista, Thresh, Hecarim, and the most anticipated, Viego, and unleashed them into the universe.


Legends of Runeterra


Initially launched in 2020, Legends of Runeterra is getting an upgrade. This digitally-based, card-collecting game has characters that originated from the League of Legends games. Similar to League of Legends, it is available on various platforms. It is free to play as well.


The updates for Legends of Runeterra introduces a Co-Op vs. AI pairing in lab mode, as well as a few card updates.


Other updates that players can look forward to including the personal customization of some of the characters, which has always been a highlight for the dedicated fans of Legends of Runeterra.


Wild Rift


2021 is going to be a big year for Wild Rift – as it is going to see a bunch of trials in the ecosystem being tested at various open competitions.


The most noticeable change that Wild Rift fans are going to experience is the creation of the Wild Rift Esports Ecosystem, which is Riot Games' attempt to take the game and the platform to the next level.


2021 is a Riot Year


This year is proving to be a successful and exciting year for Riot Games. With many of their games receiving new patchwork, new characters, and environments being put to the test, Riot Games has indeed started off the year with a bang.


With the teaser for Ruination and the unveiling of different environments that is sure to provide countless hours of entertainment and exploring for players, Riot Game has made sure to continue to provide the best of the best for their players.

League of Legends players can expect 2021 to their year, with Riot Games continuing to indicate changes and modifications to the League of Legends franchise and series.