New efforts against toxicity

RIOT is about to introduce a new system to reduce League of Legends bad reputation for player toxicity, which is still a constant problem on every level of the game. It is normal, that a competitive game brings not only joy but frustration while playing. The problem with this phenomenon occurs when the player reacts to stress. Needless to say, a huge percentage of players react to this stress with toxic behaviour.

The way this new automated system works is that once a player has been reported for being verbally abusive after a League of Legends game, the system will examine the case and then decide whether the player should be punished or not. Within minutes of the game’s end, the system will send an email to the reported LoL player containing a so-called ‘reform card’ which will then include a chat log with the offending messages and it will also contain the duration of the ban which can be around two weeks or permanent.

We are looking forward to see these new changes in the game. Instant punishments can have a great and pleasant effect on the game if the guys at RIOT can complete their plan without major flaws in the banning system. If their tests go well, hopefully we will be able see the new player reform system going live on all servers soon.

But this is not everything that RIOT has in mind. Upgrades will make it possible to improve the system and to add new features to it is as well. Here are some that we have learnt from RIOT in the past days.

• In-client reform cards
• Follow-up notifications for players who reported a player who was punished
• Upgrades for chat and ranked restrictions • Upgrades to recognize negative gameplay behaviours like intentional feeding
• Recognition of honours and rewards for positive behaviours and communication