League of Legends Skins: What You Need to Know

"Why the heck would I spend money just to buy League of Legend skins?" "Can it generate a more rewarding game output?" These and more questions are continuously bombarding the internet. Well, can't blame them. If you are an avid League of Legend player, this might concern you a lot. Skins in LoL do not only change looks such as they do in most games. They alter character models, voiceovers, and spell animations as well. Though, these new effects and changes merely depend on how many RP or riot point it costs. There are two ways to obtain skins: • Real-life money. Yes, you can spend actual money if you want your favorite champions to achieve a cooler look. • Crafting system. This allows you to convert Skin Shards into actual skins. You can unlock Skin Shards from Mastery Chests (loot boxes that every player obtains at the end of the game if anyone on the team gained an S-rank or even higher). Although, you can only get a chest for your champion once for every season. Best League of Legends Skins If you have decided to use skins to jazz up your gaming experience but don't know which one you could benefit a lot, here are some of the most popular skins you can consider. Elementalist Lux Costs 3150 RP, but believe me, the Elementalist Lux is worth each of your penny. It can transform into mystic, air, fire, light, water, storm, dark, magma, ice, and nature. New incredible textures are also available. Dunkmaster Darius Most likely the best sports-related League of Legends skin. New sounds, new ultimate animation, amazing visuals – name it! Currently available to be purchased at 1820 RP. Pulsefire Caitlyn Caitlyn's new Pulsefire series refurbishes her abilities to look really stylish while stunning from range. Another interesting part about this form of skin is that Pulsefire Caitlyn rides a hover bike once she gets sufficient movement speed. Pug'Maw Heads up dog lovers! If you can't over the cuteness of your beloved pet at home, then owning this skin is your best pick. Pug'Maw transforms into a lovable, cute pug doggo. PAX Twisted Fate Last on our list is the PAX Twisted Fate. It was originally released in September 2009. What makes it stand out is probably its awesome blue lined cape and suit with the PAX logo on it. Expect this skin's appealing visuals and rarity.