League of Legends' New MMR System in 2024

Revamping the Ranked System

League of Legends is set for a significant overhaul of its Matchmaking Rating (MMR) system in 2024, aiming to address long-standing issues in the ranked matchmaking experience. Riot Games plans to implement a new, proprietary system early in the year, followed by a potential transition to a more sophisticated system, TrueSkill 2, later in the year.

Addressing the Challenges of "ELO Hell"

One of the primary goals of the new MMR system is to combat the problem of "ELO hell," a state where players find themselves gaining very little LP for wins and losing a significant amount for defeats. This situation has often led to frustration among players, with some resorting to creating smurf accounts to escape these matchmaking pitfalls.

The New Proprietary System and TrueSkill 2

Riot's new system aims to provide a more accurate and fair assessment of a player's skill level, making the ranked climb feel more satisfying and worthwhile. The introduction of TrueSkill 2, a system developed by Microsoft for team-oriented games, is being considered for its potential to improve matchmaking accuracy. However, its implementation in League of Legends poses challenges, as it partially relies on statistics like KDA, which may not accurately reflect a player's contribution in all roles and situations.

Potential Impact on Players

  1. Imrpove Your MMR: The new system could provide a more transparent and rewarding path for players looking to boost their MMR and climb the ranked ladder.
  2. SoloQ Rank Dynamics: Changes in the MMR system are likely to significantly impact the dynamics of soloQ rank, potentially leading to a more balanced and competitive environment.
  3. Getting Better at League: The overhaul might encourage players to get better at League, as the new system promises to more accurately reflect their skill level and progress.


The upcoming changes to the MMR system in League of Legends represent a significant step towards addressing some of the long-standing issues in ranked matchmaking. By providing a fairer and more balanced system, Riot Games aims to enhance the competitive experience for players across all skill levels.