Is Doinb the Best Lol Player in 2021?

Years ago, when people asked who the best player in professional LoL was, everyone pointed to Faker as the best player of all time. The Unkillable Demon King has brought many awards to SK Telecom 1, being a two-time winner Worlds Championship champion. 


T1 suffered a downfall, though. Even if they are now on their way to Worlds, there are now more teams looking forward to surpassing them. While many people see Showmaker as Faker’s successor, Doinb is, for many, the best one in 2021.


Playing a hyper-carry game-style, Doinb has gained popularity since 2018. That's the year he won Worlds. Has he taken over Faker? Read this page to find out!


What Are the Other Candidates for LoL Esports 2021 Best Player?


We made up a list of some of the best LoL players in professional esports to compare them to Doinb and his performance throughout the year. Each one of them has mastered the champions in their role and has carried their teams more than once. 




  • Role: Mid
  • Team: SKT 1
  • K/D/A: 5.7
  • Region: LCK


The Unkillable Demon King Faker had to be on this list. Most LoL Esports fans consider this player the best player in all LoL professional gaming history. The reason for that is his ability to escape from situations that were a sure kill for the other team and how he can outplay his enemies.




  • Role: Mid
  • Team: Damwon KIA (DWG)
  • K/D/A: 5.8
  • Region: LCK


Showmaker is the former Worlds champion along with DMW. It’s not common to see Showmaker losing in the lane phase. He tends to play scaling champions that deal tons of damage in the late game, which makes it a thing to worry for other mid lanners.




  • Role: ADC
  • Team: FNATIC
  • K/D/A: 9.1
  • Region: LEC


Having the highest K/D/A in this list, Upset is one of the most underrated players in professional LoL. He’s never been to Worlds before. However, in his debut in the LEC, he beat some of the best AD carries in the world, being even better than G2 Rekkles. 


Is Doinb Better Than them? What Makes Doinb So Good? 


Getting to the main character of this page, we have Doinb. Currently playing for FPX, he already has a Worlds Championship under his belt. He was picked as a Soloq prodigy and is now one of the top players in the LPL.


Ryze, Vladimir, and Orianna are some of his best champions. However, it’s his Sylas the one who absolutely deletes everyone from the rift. Doinb always aims for the kill and makes sure to get it, even in unfair situations.


His macro game is also one of the best in the world, helping his team turn around unfavorable odds. Is he better than the players listed before? That’s a difficult question to answer since he hasn’t played against most of them. Yet, his ability to play LoL shows that he may be. 


Conclusion – Is Doinb the Best LoL Player in this Year?


Worlds 2021 is the perfect opportunity for Doinb to tell everyone how good he is. However, he’s not better than Faker in his prime. Doinb still has a long road to go through if he wants to get to that level. To answer your question: He’s not the best LoL player in 2021… yet. But he can change that in Worlds.