Introduction to the Wild Rift Legendary Queue

You wouldn't know your true worth in Wild Rift until you join the Legendary Queue (LQ). This ultra-competitive queue is not for the weak. You need to meet certain requirements before even being able to play in it. Furthermore, it has stricter rules than the regular Ranked Queue.

In this article, you'll discover the key features of the Wild Rift Legendary Queue and what it takes to join it.

Differences Between the Legendary Queue and the Ranked Queue

The Wild Rift Legendary Queue works in a similar way as the regular Ranked queue. However, there are some notable differences you need to pay attention to.

  • Solo Players Only

While the Ranked Queue allows you to play with your friends, it's every man for himself in the Legendary Queue. The fierce competition will reveal your true individual skills, so everybody else is your enemy. Whether you queue up or down, you'll have no one to hold accountable to but yourself.

  • Rewards

Of course, you'll get better rewards in the Legendary Queue. They are equal to the difficulty of the matches, so your effort wouldn't be in vain.

  • Separate Leaderboards

The Legendary Queue has its own separate leaderboards from the regular Ranked Queue. This means that your rank in one leaderboard wouldn't affect the other.

Furthermore, the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) or the "hidden" rank in one queue won't be swayed by another queue's progress. That way, you can go all out without worrying about your Ranked Queue's MMR.

  • Brand New Tiers

While the Ranked Queue consists of 10 tiers from Iron to Challenger, the Legendary Queue has six tiers. Here they are:

  • Warriors VI-I
  • Commander VI-I
  • Guardian VI-I
  • Vanquisher VI-I
  • Immortal VI-I
  • Legend

  • Rules

Some rules in the Legendary Queue don't apply to the Ranked Queue and vice versa. You'll also find out about those rules later in this article.

How to Join the Wild Rift Legendary Queue: Requirements You Need to Meet

The most basic requirement to be in the Legendary Queue is to reach the Diamond tier in the Ranked Queue. This prerequisite alone is not easy to achieve. Depending on their skills, it can take players dozens of games to finally get to Diamond. Maintaining the tier is another question.

However, there's a leeway to this. The rule that you need to reach the Diamond tier applies at the beginning of the season only. Therefore, in the case you drop down into Emerald or below, you can still stay in the Legendary Queue until the end of the season.

Remember that if your rank drops from Diamond after the end of the season, you'll have to return to Diamond before Legendary Queue becomes available again.

The Rules in the Legendary Queue

As was mentioned before, the Legendary Queue follows its own set of rules. Here are some of them:

1. Schedule

Legendary Queue is only accessible for a limited time every day. The accessibility also depends on your region.

Most regions open the Legendary Queue matches from 12:00 to 23:59, except for China, which opens it from 18:00 on weekdays. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your own region's schedule.

2. Point System

In the Legendary Queue, you'll be assigned 800 Legendary Points (LP) at the beginning, which makes you fall directly into the Commander tier. These points will either increase or decrease depending on your performance. If it falls below 800, you'll drop to the Warrior tier.

Each tier has four divisions. You'll be promoted to the next tier for every 799 points you gain.

Note that the Legendary Points have an "expiration" date. If you have more than 800 points and haven't played Legendary Queue in the last seven days, you will lose 40 LP per week. This "expiration" rule doesn't apply when you have less than 800 points.

The Bottom Line

The Wild Rift Legendary Queue is meant for experienced players that have attained at least a Diamond tier in the Ranked Queue. It provides a competitive and demanding environment for gamers looking to put their skills to the test against other top-tier players. Overall, the Legendary Queue is an exciting addition to the Wild Rift experience and a must-try for gamers searching for the ultimate challenge.