How to Get Free Skins and Loot in Wild Rift

If there's one reason why players all over the world love Riot Games, it's because of the beautiful skins and loot it develops for every game. League of Legends: Wild Rift is no exception to this.

There are over a hundred unique skins and battle passes available on Wild Rift, with most costing a lot due to their rarity. It's definitely not possible for everyone to invest in all of the virtual collectibles. Many players are still willing to pay for these expensive items in order to get their hands on the best rewards.

However, there is a way to enjoy the perks of specific skins and cosmetics without even spending a penny. How? Well, you earn them! Instead of focusing solely on earning free skins, we’ll also note down how you can purchase them in-game without real money.

The Four Main Ways to Get Skins in Wild Rift

Wild Rift is actually a free game, but it does sell in-game skins and cosmetics to keep the profit flowing. Players can purchase/earn valuables through these four methods:

  • Win them from in-game chests.
  • Purchase from the in-game store.
  • Earn collectibles through competitive matches.
  • Earn free skins by purchasing the premium Wild Pass.

Obtain Different Skins from Treasure Chests

Similar to a pirate hunt, you can also win specific skins by looting treasure chests. Don't want to give Riot all of your hard-earned money? No problem – you can easily get free skins by participating in tons of different limited-period events!

There are many different events activated around the start or end of every act, the current ones being Wild Rift Academy and Masters of the Hunt. You can also participate in the Lunar Feast event to win free chests, including Poro coins.

One of the best things about earning free skins through chests is that you can select which item you want. On the other hand, random chests let you blindly pick the skin from the in-game store.

Lastly, Poro coins are a favorite among many because of how fun the challenges are. Players are rewarded based on their progress levels, which they can later spend on Poro chests for Poro Energy! You can get a free skin after hitting the 5,000 Poro Energy meter mark.

Earn Through Ranked Games

Another way to earn free skins is to win ranked matches. You can get the Glorious Jinx skin by reaching Gold, which isn't actually too easy.

However, the idea of earning a free limited edition skin is very exciting to many! Many players use boosters to reach higher ranks, which isn't a bad idea, given how you can earn more skins faster.

Complete your mission without sacrificing quality and sabotaging teammates, and you'll soon be swimming in items.

Secure Skins Through Battle Passes

Finally, players can also purchase limited-period battle passes with real money. The premium Wild Pass is priced at 590 Wild Cores. It might seem a lot, but the skins and chests that you earn are definitely worth the investment.

Playing Wild Rift is all about having fun, but skins and loot are a great way to step up your game. Remember to keep an eye out for specific battle passes if you want to invest in incredible skins and cosmetics for your main champions.

Consider Saving Up to Buy Your Favorite Skins

Some people don't like the idea of spending real money on virtual items, but hey, who's stopping you here? Do what you love, and invest in some rare Wild Rift goodies!

  1. Click on the store button on the main menu.
  2. Tap on the "Skin" button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on whichever skin you want to purchase or check out.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your payment!


From cool character skins to unique game cards, Wild Rift offers a variety of items that can help improve your gaming experience.

Whether you're changing up your champion's look or just have your eye on a sweet skin, the fore-mentioned ways are perfect if you want to get your hands on free skins and loot in Wild Rift without spending a dime.

These free skins provide you with unlimited possibilities for a truly personalized gaming experience. Not only are you getting an edge over your opponents, but you're also making sure that your character looks absolutely stunning in the game!

Boost your main champion with some awesome skins, and start playing matches with style!