How ELO boosters do it

So how comes that ELO boosters can do what you are not capable of? Raising tiers super-fast to any division you can imagine. There is a difference between classic League of Legends playing and the ELO booster way. The classic way to play the game is to depend on team-work. You join a game everyone pick a champion for their role. The idea of the game will start to form itself from that point as each teammates calculate how they will depend on each of their teammates and their own skill level with the champions they are playing with. This is a great thing since the game is based on these self-calculated gameplay and teamwork and If you play this way you will enjoy the game the most. The only problem with playing for fun, is that it is hard to reach higher divisions. The ELO booster mind-set differs from this. They play to win, since they goal is to win every game they possibly can by giving their best skills and they do not depend on their teams. If they do that they would fail to reach any higher on the division ladder. They method is the following. They only focus on improving their individual skill-set in order to carry games. This not only means that they focus on playing good alone one a lane or in jungle with different champions, but it also includes map-awareness and alone play-styles with different champions in order to master solo carrying every possible game. So the main idea between ELO boosting is, that these special players use their ability to carry you games so you will be able to focus on your regular game style in a higher division where you belong. This means that out from ELO hell you will be able to benefit from your team-worker play-style where it is possible since there are no trolls or unskilled players left to play with. All in all it makes sense to buy an ELO boost to get fast and serious results, so you can start to play in the right tier and division where playing League of Legends ranked games is as fun as it was meant to be for every player.