Hidden costs of ELO boost

Many raise the question why does ELO boost cost so much. The reason behind this, is there are many hidden costs that a regular customer cannot think of without taking a look behind the scenes and the work people put in, in order to bring you such quality service. The main cost of ELO boosting is of course the amount of money you have to pay the ELO booster to pay long hours on your account and win every game possible by using his skills and knowledge. For example, by purchasing a bigger boost package to get you into a different tier, you are paying a pro gamer to work for you for many days in a row. As you can see, by setting your goal division higher while buying a division boost, the prices will raise higher since the games in those divisions become more and more difficult. This means, that the ELO booster must put more effort and focus into his gameplay while playing in diamond tier than boosting from bronze to silver, which are usually fun games for challenger boosters. This explains why there are differences between the prices on the scale of ELO boost. Now, as we are aware of the base expensiveness of ELO boost let’s see what different hidden costs it has. First of all there is the website with a perfectly working professional core system that has to serve all the needs of the employees and clients as they contact each other. It has to be planned and all worked out well. It takes a lot of work, and when your system is ready, it must be rounded with a simple but beautiful design. The goal is, to have a beautiful website that is easy to use for all users and boosters. To start an ELO boost company it takes plenty thousands of dollars just to get into business and a lot of work of course. If you are ready start working for customers there is still a long way to go. There are still costs to advertise your company online which can be a great deal. Without it you can get no customers to buy on your website. You must find the balance between advertising costs and income to keep you company going. If you are clever you can run it even or with a little profit but it takes a lot of effort, time and money to create a an ELO boost company that can get you some extra money. Keep all that in mind when you are considering an ELO boost for yourself, that there are more than one reasons why does it cost so much to get ELO boosted!