Expectations for 2021 LCS

2021 looks to be a huge season for LCS. Numerous teams are set out to rebuild their rosters with big stars for another year in which not one squad could battle it out of the group stage at the World Championships. Certain teams are on the lookout to break their way into international competition and domestic success at their fingertips. In contrast, others are looking to improve domestically before entering the big games. 


Team Liquid is the Leading Prospects in the LCS


In this class, the teams are expected to control the league, or at least have a run in the playoffs, to capture an international invite. These classes are the ones that did the absolute most during the offseason to reinforce their roster to take on the best in the world.


Team Liquid has only added two new members, but these players look to be great additions to the already powerful team. They have acquired laner Barney and Lucas Tao Kilmer Larsen, which tells us that the organization wants to succeed internationally, and fans should not expect anything less.


Both teams TSM and Cloud9, have splashed big money to bring in foreign players that should not just win the league but also making a huge impact outside of the league. Changes in the coaching departments for both teams and fans should expect extraordinary performances from the groups. The last team in this category is the Evil Genuises, which has improved its roster with Jeong Eon-young and Lee Dong-geun. This team should be aiming for higher goals.


CLG is in the Hopes of a 2021 LCS Playoff Run


This organization is looking to make deep runs into the LCS playoffs and troubling teams in higher ranks to sculpt a spot in the international competition. CLG looks a bit unusual on paper, but it should be shooting for a top spot in the regular season and a good playoff run. 100 Thieves made four-fifths of the Golden Guardians playoff roster from the previous season, and FlyQuest with its handful of Cloud9 players that have competed for titles or on par with that level.


Dignitas Rebuilding in Hopes of Improvement for Next Season


These teams are rebuilding and giving players time to develop throughout the next season. The teams would be ecstatic if they get a high playoff seeding or even an international appearance, but this would not likely happen due to the rosters they have created.


Golden Guardians and Immortals are the two recognized developing teams. Golden Guardians went under full reconstruction during the 2020 offseason and went for the double on homegrown talent by starting two players who come from colleges. Immortals have brought in David Challe, a novice, pairing him with a veteran import jungler and two other LCS rookies to improve this season. The last squad looking to rebuild is Dignitas. Dignitas is looking to start players in the LCS Academy the previous season and be taught by two experts with over five years of experience in the league.


Organizations took lessons from the league’s failures internationally and are planning for the future. With all the new faces and requirements, the season looks to bring a lot of excitement with the potential to dominate this season.