ELO booster values

To become a successful ELO booster there are some main values that you have to dispose. The public may think that if there is a professional master tier player, that is enough for him to apply to any booster company. Well, it is enough to apply and there is a chance that he might get a trial job too. But the chance that he will become a standard booster choice at that company is very low. This is because playing well in League of Legends does not mean that you are an ELO booster who can carry games and boost an account up to a variety of tiers and divisions. There was another blog spot where I told you about the skill-set that a booster must have in order to be able to work as an ELO booster. But at this time I would like to focus on something else. Of course the game style is a huge factor of it. If we think of it, the way the booster can play the game is at least 50% of the knowledge that he has to has in order to be successful at an ELO boost company. This article will be about the rest 50% that it takes to get in to top circle of ELO boosters. When you are a booster and you have an active job to complete, there is a client who you have to communicate with. Communication skills are essential to this job. Once you are in with a job with a client you must be able to solve a quite range of situations that can occur while boosting and playing League of Legends. At BoostRoyal the client comes first so the ELO booster must fulfil every one of his needs. When he is asked stop boosting he must stop even if it ruins his timetable for that day or maybe for his whole week. ELO boosters must be also patient with their clients. Patience is important since many of the users at BoostRoyal are first customers which makes them mistrustful in some cases or uncomfortable. The ELO booster’s duty to make the client comfortable and to make them feel safe while someone else is logged into his account. This is only possible if the booster is good with people and has common sense. Many of the hard-core players lack these attributes which make them unable to participate in such type of job. In conclusion these were the facts that might be strange when we think of an ELO boost service for a video game but in a competitive market these are must-have skills which the service provider must offer to every client. This is only possible if the employees are selected by these requirements and they are able to work by the work ethics that the company require from them. Besides the importance of the communication skills of each employee, there are other important factors that must be considered when it comes to recruiting new ELO boosters which I will write in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned!