ELO boost mania

ELO boost is becoming more and more common between League of Legends players. There might be more than one logical reason behind this phenomenon. First, the overall number of players who play the game actively. As the official data states, the game has a player base of more than 70 million players which base is still growing today. By examining this sole data itself, it can be easily seen that the number of ELO boost processes in League of Legends can grow the same rate as the player base grows. As more players join League of Legends, more of these players will participate in ranked queue games as they hit level 30 on their account. This will make the lower tiers and divisions grotesquely big compared to the middle and higher ones. As an expert in ELO boost, it is clear to see that most of our clients come to us for help from the lower or middle divisions (Bronze, Silver, Gold). With the increasing number of players, the ranked system fails to deliver rewards for the players who have been competing in ranked queue for a long time now but their efforts stay unrewarded. The reason behind this phenomenon is the immense number of these new players in the ranked queue. These players make it very hard, sometimes impossible for the experienced players to reach the tier and division where they belong. This is one factor of many that makes ELO boost becoming more popular. The opportunity to entrust a specially skilled ELO boosters with your account comes very convenient at this point. For reasonable prices there is a pool of services easily accessible for every League of Legends player. This is another reason why ELO boost can be so popular nowadays. The way it is possible to buy any type of ELO boost is for any player is ridiculously easy. It is easier than shopping an item online as there is no shipping information or personal data needed to order an ELO boost. The easiness of the service is another important factor why many choose to participate in it instead of getting frustrated while playing League of Legends in the ELO hell. As for the ELO hell no introduction needed. There are whole articles about ELO hell, but if you might have not heard of it ELO hell is the name of the lower divisions in the game. The reason why they call it ELO hell is because it feels like hell playing in those divisions. And here comes another reason why the ELO boost mania is present in today's League of Legends. It is so much easier to get someone else to do the dirty work instead of you, it seems a reasonable move to get ELO boosted instantly so there are no more bad games to participate in. So basically these are the main reasons why someone chooses an ELO boost service. If you are planning to buy and ELO boost and when it is finished there are some advice that I collected for you to read: https://www.boostroyal.com/blog/after-the-elo-boost