ELO boost blog part 2

In the last article, ELO boost blog part 1 I wrote about my League of Legends journey and the way I arrived to the decision to buy an ELO boost. In this post i will continue just where i left off last time. So I choose to purchase and that is the last sentence in the last article. So what happened next? I will be able to share my experience about this unique service that I enjoyed from the BoostRoyal team. As I chose the league boosting option to raise my ELO, soon my order was accepted by a BoostRoyal ELO booster. The live chat service which is available in the members area made it easy to communicate with my booster. I told him about my preferences and he was real nice to me as he introduced me to the world of ELO boost. As i wanted to keep the ELO boost private in front of my friends in League of Legends, I let my booster know that keep the chat offline in the LoL client. I also told him about my main champions as I wanted him to play only with my main champions to make sure that no one discovers my ELO boost. At that time I mainly played the game as an ad carry so we made sure that he will only play with champions like Vayne, Graves, Ezreal and others. Needless to say that how satisfied i was with the work that the ELO booster provided on my account. He only lost one game and won all the others and this made him easy to boost my ELO just up to gold tier. I was extremely happy with my choice and results as finally I could enjoy playing and competing in League of Legends ranked games without the frustration that became usual in the lower tiers of the game. I could not get any angrier when the Master Yi who was secured in the ranking draft pick process fed my lane while ganking top producing a super fed Wukong a 0/10 stat and an impossible game at the end. Playing in gold divisions I could still feel the wind of ELO hell but it was so much less intense than in silver. I felt that i found my place in the gold tier as i won most of my ranked games and lost only a few. When i reached promotion to gold 1, i also made a friend as the two of us carried a very hard game. Playing duo with him made it easy for me to reach the platinum tier series and for the second time i was able to go through to platinum. I can thank this to the fact that I chose to participate in an ELO boost which made it possible to enjoy the competitive game in the League of Legends ranked queue.

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