ELO boost and Riot

ELO boost and Riot has a long and bad relationship. Riot created League of Legends as a competitive game, though it is hard to tell if the game was ever meant to be this big with so many active players. It is clear, that it is real advantage for Riot since its players spend extreme an amount of money in the store. In the other hand, the system that worked in the early days of the game is no longer up to date. Maybe the reason is, that the active player base grew so rapidly that it just cannot do the work anymore. There is a reason why ELO boost is becoming more and more popular, and it is not the players fault. The system is outdated and it is not working in 5v5 games. Since ELO system was first introduced for chess which is a 1v1 game it is easy to see that it just cannot perform as well as once did. It is not just the fact that a system designed for 1v1 games but it is also the fact that it cannot serve the growing player base. I remember in the first two seasons of the game, the amount of players who were active were low enough to get the maximum out of the ELO system. If you were playing good, you could see yourself quite soon in platinum tier. Playing with one champion or role was enough to get high ELO. And I also think that mastering one role should be enough to play with the best. There are more toxic players in the game than players with a sportsmanship mind-set. As the game grows the ratio of the toxic players grow with it. This makes the low and middle tiers unbearable to play in. Riot is aware of the problem that the game has and tries to cure it with different efforts. It is great thing that Riot think about player toxicity as a major problem but their efforts are not making any progress toward a better League of Legends and community. Now they are about to introduce the real-time ban system which they trust to make instant results in cleansing the game from toxic players. Hopefully they will get some results out of that pretty soon. As an ultimate solution until then, buying an ELO boost can solve your problems with your current games instantly. Everyone in the community knows, that this type of services are super effective so does Riot. The hate from Riot towards ELO boost can be explained easily. As we all acknowledge the success of this service, Riot’s only problem with it that not they are the one who profit from it. Even the player base profits from it but since it does not belong to RIOT it is forbidden to use such service. Fortunately most of the ELO boost companies use VPN protection which makes it impossible for RIOT to discover which players choose to use ELO boost.