Dantes Broke Up with His Girlfriend for League of Legends

The world of online gaming and streaming is not without its personal dramas. Recently, Twitch streamer Dantes, known for his League of Legends content, made headlines with his announcement of breaking up with his girlfriend, Laura. This decision has sparked a lot of discussions and debates among his fans and the streaming community. In this article, we explore the details of Dantes and Laura’s relationship, the reasons behind their breakup, and the reactions from their followers.

Dantes and Laura: A Relationship Overview

Dantes and Laura's relationship was well-documented on social media and streaming platforms. They often shared moments of their life together, giving their fans a glimpse into their personal lives. Their relationship seemed strong, with many shared experiences and mutual support for each other’s endeavors.

The Role of Streaming in Their Relationship

As a professional streamer, Dantes' career demands a significant amount of time and dedication. Streaming, especially in the competitive world of League of Legends, requires constant practice, long hours, and a high level of engagement with the audience. This high demand on his time and attention has often been a point of contention in their relationship.

The Announcement

Dantes took to his Twitch channel to announce the breakup. He explained that his commitment to his streaming career and his passion for League of Legends were major factors in the decision. He emphasized that focusing on his career was essential for his growth as a streamer and for providing the best content to his viewers.

Community Reactions

The announcement was met with mixed reactions from the community. Some fans expressed their support for Dantes, understanding the pressures of being a full-time streamer. Others were more critical, suggesting that balancing personal relationships with professional aspirations is crucial for long-term happiness.

Laura's Perspective

Laura has also shared her side of the story on social media, highlighting the challenges she faced being in a relationship with a high-profile streamer. She spoke about the loneliness and the feeling of being secondary to Dantes' career, which ultimately led to the breakup.

Impact on Dantes' Career

Following the announcement, Dantes' channel saw a surge in viewership as fans tuned in to hear more about the breakup. This increased attention could potentially benefit his career, although it also brings a new level of scrutiny to his personal life.

Background on the Drama Leading to the Breakup

The breakup between Dantes and Laura was further complicated by accusations and revelations from the streaming community. Tarzaned, another popular Twitch streamer, claimed that Laura, also known as Laurinchhhe, had undergone an abortion. This allegation added fuel to an already intense situation, leading to widespread speculation and heated discussions among their followers. These claims have not only impacted Dantes and Laura personally but have also affected their reputations within the streaming community, creating a storm of controversy and drawing significant public attention.


Dantes and Laura’s breakup is a poignant reminder of the complexities of balancing personal relationships with demanding careers. As Dantes continues to focus on his League of Legends career, it remains to be seen how this personal decision will impact his professional life in the long run. For now, the streaming community watches closely, offering support and criticism in equal measure.