Counters to Yone

Yone is a challenging antagonist in LoL, and players often want to defeat him but don’t know how. This article includes what you should know to kill him and make sure that he doesn’t get rid of your team!


Calm Down


Becoming too aggressive is immensely common when you face Yone in the lane. However, you should take a deep breath and take things slowly, otherwise, you might not get the outcomes you want.


Yone has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, for example, he can teleport to his original cast location. Consequently, you should never try to force things. 


To kill him, wait until he activates his E ability, do some damage, and wait again (around five seconds). You might be able to destroy him once he goes back to his original location.


Build Up Your Defense


If you want to reduce Yone’s damage in team fights, you have to build your defenses. In other words, you must buy defensive items to make sure Yone doesn’t harm you as much.


In terms of net worth, Yone might get ahead of you. However, this is no reason for you to despair – simply prioritize your armor over everything else.


Select Your Champions


Champions with crowd control usually have an advantage over Yone, which is why choosing the best character is crucial.


If you select a champion with crowd control, Yone will probably have trouble trying to get in and out of the clash and perform aggressive plays.


Nonetheless, you should also remember that Yone is immensely fast. Therefore, you must choose champions with easy-to-land crowd control skills.


Don’t Group on Clashes


Among all the League of Legends characters, Yone has one of the strongest ultimates. With crowd control effects and mixed damages, you must know how your team has to act if you don’t want everyone to get killed.


Overall, your team must consider that Yone should never lock them down. If he does, you’re probably dead.


There is a way to avoid this, though. Your team has to make sure that they’re not too closely when they’re fighting. Thus, if he uses his ult, you might have enough space to run away.


At the same time, you must avoid being in chokepoints. Some examples of this are the dragon camp, inside the Baron’s pit, and the jungle camps. Being on these places means Yone can use his ultimate and get rid of your entire team with crowd control. 


Make Use of Rage Advantage


The last step of this guide is to use rage advantage since it gives you some benefits in melee fights. 


If you suddenly find yourself with an angry Yone, try to take advantage of it and force him down your lane. This should delay his items and leave you a lot of room to cross out objectives while he’s offline.


To Wrap Up


Countering Yone might be immensely challenging for some players, but there are some strategies that you can use to defeat him. Now that you know a few, try them out!


If you are looking to max out your champion masteries, look no further!


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