Changes in PBE for League of Legends

The PBE for League of Legends' patch cycle 11.7 has arrived, and it includes the return of the game's famous One for All mode.


The One for All mode in League of Legends is a limited-time game mode that pits all five players in a team against the same champion. This unique mode first appeared in League of Legends in 2013 and has since returned several times, most recently last year. It's also likely that the 2021 version may only be available for a limited time.


Each of the two teams competes against each other on a League map with a shared champion in the One for All mode. Players compete in a 5v5 match, similar to the Classic mode in League of Legends. The only difference is that each team's champions are identical.


Vote Pick is the method for choosing champions in One for All, and it is based on the Custom Game Iteration of League of Legends' general Draft Pick. Matches can also be generated and played as a Custom Game in this specific mode. Other maps can be chosen instead of Summoner's Rift in most cases.


Following the banning of six champions, each player is given the opportunity to vote with their teammates to determine which champion they want on their squad. For that particular match, the champion with the most votes is chosen. If no champion receives a simple majority, a champion is chosen at random from the voting pool.


This mode is a welcomed addition to the game as it allows for players to get a break from the general play and pit themselves against friends and fellow gamers in a mode that forces them to try new strategies and champions. The majority of long-time fans love this mode as it allows them to experiment with some of the mechanics and champions that they may not otherwise choose in an extremely competitive space.


Newcomers to the series may also find this mode as a great way to learn the game and find their favorite characters in a way that does not seem to be overly competitive. It may be difficult for players who are new to the game to find their footing due to the already established and highly skilled player base. However, this mode provides them with a game mode that sees all players using champions that they may not be too familiar with, giving even the new players a chance to have some fun without constantly being killed.


The Bottom Line


Overall, the addition of this game mode and the updates that come along for it are welcomed by all players of the long-standing franchise. Being able to play with champions that you have not tried before in a less competitive scene is a great way to learn the game and just have a little bit of fun. If you have not already tried this game mode, then we encourage you to do so. It really is a ton of fun, and you could find yourself sitting in front of the screen for hours without even realizing it.