Bjergsen Comes Back to Mid-lane for Team Liquid

Bjergesn is a League of Legends veteran player with over nine years of experience in the field. He's had a very successful career as a player and coach for all these years, but he recently decided not to continue his path as a coach, as he wishes to return to pro-playing this upcoming season.


This article is meant to showcase everything about his return and career projections for 2022. If you want to know more about this, please stay and keep reading.


Bjergsen's Big Return


Even though he had previously played with TSM for the majority of his career, this time, he didn't show up as a member of their team. Instead, he is going to be playing with Team Liquid, which represents a huge new step in this star's career.


Bjergsen has proved his worth with this new team on their first battle together, as he claimed nine of the team's 11 kills of the day.


However, this situation has taken a massive toll on TSM, as Bjergsen had been one of the team's foundations for so many years, and he even had part ownership of it. Nonetheless, his contract ended last November, and since then, he has been creating a new career path in different horizons.


Firstly, he considered leaving his life-long position in the mid-lane, as he wished to experiment with a different perspective of the game.


Nonetheless, what ended up bringing that spark to his career wasn't leaving his loved position in the mid-lane but doing it in a different team. This time the Team Liquid had the incredible luck to have such a talented player like him on their roster, which has been paying off and pushing the team up in the scores.


It was a challenge to come back to the field after retiring for a year, as many coaches tend to think they can easily come back and be as good and agile as always, but that's rarely the case. Bjergsen had to prove himself he had what's needed to return to competitive gaming, but to do that, he had to go through intensive training of up to 10 hours of playing.


However, that wasn't enough for him. He ended up taking an intensive Bootcamp in Korea to get back in shape, where he would intensively dedicate himself to the learning phase and test his limits to see if he still had the endurance needed to train like a pro.


Bottom Line


Bjergsen is only one of the incredible pro-gamers we are going to be seeing in professional gaming this 2022, and he is back into the field to prove to us why we should keep an eye on him for the rest of his career.


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