Best Wild Rift Champions

Since the launch of League of Legends: Wild Rift, this online multiplayer arena game has been a hit. It is five on five online strategy game where players can team up from all over the world. Wild Rift's goal is to, as a team, take on the jungle, destroy turrets to reach the next level while also eliminating the enemy base. If the opponents get to one's headquarters before the other, they lose.


Though the game is relatively new, it has garnered many gamers' attention who have demonstrated great strategy and precision. 


The top Wild Rift Champions when it comes to playing League of Legends: Wild Rift include:




Considered the Warden, Braum is suitable when playing Dragon Lane as support. When playing with Braum, one can expect to do plenty of magic damage, as well as crowd control. When playing Braum, it is best to use the front of life, weakness, loyalty, and pack a hunter keystone


Wondering what weakness could be for such a heavy hitter? Braum has a weakness against Soraka, Janna, and Sona. 


Something to note is that Braum is considered challenging to play; therefore, if you have the skills, why not consider Braum? 




Darius referred to as The Hand of Noxusis considered a Juggernaut and is generally played in Baron Lane as a fighter. Darius is a character who inflicts high physical damage. When playing Darius, it is recommended to use conqueror, brutal, spirit, and hunter keystone


Should your opponent use Akali, Teemo, or Olaf, you may be in trouble as these are Darius's three weaknesses. 




If you prefer the Jungle lane, consider using Gragas as your League of Legends – Wild Rift champion. Considered a Vanguard, Gragas can do a lot of magic damage and offer Crowd Control. 


When using Gragas, consider using electrocute, weakness, and hunter keystone. Should you have Gragas on your side, consider adding Ashe and Malphite as a strength; however, Lee Sin or Gragas is his weakness. 




Players who prefer the middle lane are most likely to select League of Legends assassin Zed. He does the most physical damage and offers skilled mobility. When playing with Zed, the ideal runes are the electrocute, brutal, and spirit walker keystones.


A weakness to the character Zed is Kennen, Kali, and Jax; however, Zed does play well with Vi and Nasus.




A marksman in League of Legends, Ezreal is a champion like Braum, plays well in the dragon lane. He provides mixed damage and good mobility. When playing with Ezreal, consider using conqueror, gathering, and manaflow keystones. Ezreal is regarded as one of the more reliable Wild Rift characters. 


What is a weakness for this golden champion? Draven, Tristana, and Vayne are opponents to be wary of. 


Choosing Wisely in Wild Rift


In a game where strategy is essential, make sure to consider your champion, as well as their strengths and weakness. There is a reason these five champions are the best picks, and it is because, despite their shortcomings, they are still at the top of their tier.