Are Skin Changers Allowed in League of Legends?

There is some uncertainty regarding changing a champion’s skin in League of Legends. Essentially, it is altering visual elements of the game that can seemingly control the outcome of a match. Riot tends to allow skin changes that do not affect gameplay. However, there are instances in which they may take away your account.

Continue reading to learn more about changing your skin in LoL, and how it could get your account banned.

What Are Custom Skins and How Do I Get Them?

Riot Games, the developer and distributor of League of Legends, routinely releases skins so players can customize their characters for a more interactive gaming experience.

Skins can alter the visual appearance of the characters in addition to changing the voice acting, character, and accompanying animations.

Allowing skin changes is also a way for Riot to earn more money off the game. Some popular skin lines designed and released by Riot include PROJECT and Spirit Blossom.

Since official skins from Riot cost some money, many players also use third-party software systems to dress their characters in more unique skins. These programs allow players to create more unique visual changes that go beyond what Riot distributes. However, the rules for third-party skin changers become less defined, resulting in uncertainty over whether your account could be banned.

Can I Get Banned for Using a Skin Changer?

In general, the answer is no. The skin changers released by Riot are completely acceptable. Using them does not warrant action to ban your account. Additionally, using third-party software does not normally pose a threat to banning your account. Most of the time skin changes apply only to your devices, which means your skin change is only visible to you. Opponents cannot see the changes you made and therefore do not affect them.

Using third-party software is tricky. You should make sure that you use a reliable service because applying a skin changer from a risky program can do you more harm than good.

The only instance in which a League of Legends account could get banned from skin changers is through utilizing a third-party system that adjusts a character’s abilities. Riot often monitors matches and bans users who implement unfair advantages.

Additionally, using third parties to ultimately obtain official skins from Riot is grounds for being banned. This is essentially stealing money from the company, and it is not acceptable for continued use.

If you want to use a third-party software, Riot’s official stance says to go at your own risk. While it may not lead you to get a banned account, you should ensure that you stick to a program that only alters the visibility on your device alone without giving you an unfair advantage.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Skin Changers?

There are many beloved skins for different Champions. With more than 160 in the game, each character has at least one alternative skin to improve gamers’ experience. Some of the best-selling official skins from Riot include:

  • Elementalist Lux
  • PROJECT: Vayne
  • PROJECT: Leona
  • Assassin Master Yi
  • White Mage Veiggar

There are many other characters and Champions that gamers love. It can be challenging to determine the most popular skin changes because sales numbers do not reflect inspiration from fan art or the conversations that take place in online forums.

Some third-party software can take your customizations even further. You could use applications such as:

  • KillerSkins
  • League Profile Tool
  • Mod Skin LoL

Many of these applications are not endorsed by Riot Games. As a result, you should conduct some research before downloading the tools. Ensure that they are safe to use and are not going to impose any changes to your League of Legends gameplay.

Since there are no endorsements from game makers, proceed with caution as there is always a risk of Riot banning your account.

The Bottom Line

Riot Games, the creators and distributors of League of Legends, permits skin changing, including third-party skin changers. However, it does not allow changes that affect the outcomes of the gameplay. Anything that could give a player an unfair advantage runs the risk of Riot banning that player’s account. Therefore, the makers of LoL highly suggest that players who use these programs proceed cautiously, as unofficial software can be unpredictable.