Agurin Opens up About Why He Won't Go Pro After Hitting Rank 1 in Korea

A Legend in the Making

Muhammed "Agurin" Jankowski, a name synonymous with excellence in the League of Legends community, recently achieved the coveted Rank 1 on the Korean server. However, despite his unparalleled skills and achievements, Agurin has chosen a path less traveled by eschewing the professional scene. This article delves into his reasons and the journey that led him to this decision.

The Ascent to Rank 1

Agurin's prowess in the game is undeniable. His recent achievement of hitting Rank 1 in Europe, not just on the EU-West server but also on the EU-NE server, speaks volumes about his dedication and skill. What's even more commendable is that he managed to achieve this feat while streaming his games live, without any delay, allowing fans to witness his journey in real-time.

The Pro Play Chapter

Agurin's tryst with professional play isn't unknown. He was an active pro player from 2018 to 2021, primarily in the German scene. With ESG, his team dominated tournaments for an entire year, even securing a spot in the EU Masters. Their only loss came at the hands of Mad Lions, a team whose members eventually moved to LEC. Despite his successes, Agurin faced challenges. He was once considered for Schalke Academy but was deemed to have "less potential" due to his age, despite being recognized as the best player during trials.

A Tough Choice

Agurin's love for streaming is evident. However, there came a point when he had to choose between his passion for streaming and his commitment to a team. The management's ultimatum was clear: choose between streaming and the team. Agurin, recognizing the importance of streaming in his life, chose the former. This decision, however, didn't deter him from the game. He continued to play and even formed a team with fellow streamers, although they couldn't compete professionally due to new streaming rules.

The Present and Future

Currently, Agurin is content with his status quo. He enjoys streaming and isn't actively seeking to join a professional team. However, he remains open to opportunities, especially if they align with his love for streaming and his vision for the game. In a heartfelt post on Twitter, Agurin expressed his love for the game and how pro play offers better game quality. But for him, the conditions have to be right, either allowing him to stream or providing the kind of gameplay he desires.

Conclusion: A Legend on His Terms

Agurin's journey offers a unique perspective on the world of esports. While many chase the dream of professional play, Agurin has shown that it's possible to achieve greatness on one's terms. His decision to prioritize streaming over pro play, while still achieving Rank 1, is a testament to his dedication and love for the game. As fans, we can only admire his choices and look forward to more of his legendary gameplay.