After the ELO boost

You have been playing League of Legends for a while now. You bought an ELO boost and got into your dream division. So what now? Some of our clients only get an ELO boost to just show off their shiny tier, since your account can be boosted as you are appearing offline so none of your friends would know that you just got ELO boosted. Another reason people choose to buy boost apart of showing off, is that they are looking to get the season ending rewards as the season closes. This is why there are many more clients in the ELO boost scene at the end of each season. But what if you are getting an ELO boost for real, in order to get out from ELO hell to play with the players at your skill level? There are really just a few thing that you will have to focus on to stay in the boosted tier. When you were about to buy your ELO boost you usually performed better than your team but you could not get out from ELO hell alone. If you felt that way you made a good choice with the buying, since you already felt that you are not in the division where you belong. At this point, you already have the skill-set that you need, to play in your targeted division. You will be even able to reach higher from that point. But at first, you better start safe. Try to pick the champions that you are 100% safe with, there is no reason to risk anything this point. It will take some time to get used to the professionalism that is present on those levels of the game. All you have to do is focus every moment of the game and you will be all right. Do not fun start any ranked games. If do not feel playing through a serious game, play some normal games and get back to ranked when you feel fresh and focused to give your best. As you get used to the rhythm of the high ELO games, soon you will be able to use other than your main champions comfortably. Play smart, and give 100% every time after an ELO boost.