Addicted to ELO boost

Most of the services are easy to get used to and become addicted to them. This is the same with ELO boost though it is a bit complicated If we think of it that way. Mainly because ELO boost goes hand by hand with the game League of Legends or with any other game where ELO boost is possible. In this article we will examine the connection between the addiction to League of Legends and the usage of ELO boost. It is hard to bring examples to this phenomenon from other areas of service usage addiction. To start with take the game alone itself. As all gamers know it is easy to get addicted to a great game and League of Legends is one of the greatest games today. We do not have to go far to prove that since the official data shows that League of Legends is the most played game today and this is because of the rich and competitive gameplay that it offers. There are many ways to play the game. ELO addiction will only occur for specific layer of players. Most of the players cannot imagine how another player can spend money on such service as ELO boost. Majority of these players do not even spend on Riot points as they think of the game as a free game and they would like to enjoy it that way. For me it is hard to understand the mind-set of these players because as a fun players who usually plays for fun there is no better feeling than giving mystery gifts away to my friends or enjoying a fresh and awesome skin while in-game. Above the cost of Riot points there is another layer of players who are capable of spending even more on the game to feel the competition of the game in the higher tiers and divisions. ELO boost is a service that you pay for and for exchange it brings you satisfaction in two ways. First the feeling while we are working on your account and you start to see only wins in your match history and second the result when you can start off playing ranked games in a higher tier with professional teammates. As a satisfactory feeling it is easy to get used and addicted to it. This is usually true for the players who fail to stand their ground on the ELO boosted division because they purchase an ELO boost to a division which is too hard for them to play in. As they fall back they get angry and start to feel the need of another ELO boost. Because of this phenomenon we try to encourage everyone to only purchase an ELO boost when they feel ready to the radical ELO change. To learn more about the perfect time to ELO boost there is a whole article about getting ready and the right time to purchase. Keep these facts in mind from both articles in order to avoid any unnecessary purchases which can lead to discontent and frustration.

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