Will there be a League of Legends 2?

Just in case a developer earned the right to think and consider about creating a sequel, it is Riot Games. The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA game of this studio popularly known as the League of Legends has undeniably become a huge success.

This game broke about 27 million active everyday users and loved by both critics and gamers alike due to its highly addictive gameplay. Nevertheless, Riot Games has never announced that there will be a sequel. So it’s clearly stated that League of Legends 2 is not happening.

The company spokesperson revealed that LOL sequel wouldn’t be part of the plans of the studio. Instead, they stated that due to the title’s online nature without physical purchase expected to be released, game developers aim to focus more on creating more updates and patches to the largely successful and well-known MOBA title.  This can go on indefinitely. Even a senior artist in riot revealed that he even wanted his grandchildren to play this.

It is a bold statement to make. However Riot can be ultimately confident. The daily active users of League of Legends doubled this year, and there has been a massive growth since its initial launch in 2009, and this remained ever since.

Riot Game studio always thinks of ways to enhance the title and has even started making updates to make their in-game bots act like human players. Considering LOL’s digital nature, developers see no reason they must stop making things better for the best user experience.

But without League of Legends 2 does not necessarily mean that Riot refuses to work on other IPS and projects. Now, developers remain silent yet excited about what the future has to offer. Riot is not pressured to release new offers, but League of Legends will remain the first and only title.

Despite not having League of Legends 2, it is for certain that millions of gamers all over the world find contentment and lots of fun and thrill playing the League of Legends. Seeking for another sequel does not even come to mind because the original LOL has managed to provide them with everything they need for a one of a kind and enjoyable gaming experience.

League of Legends, therefore, remains number one and the only one for countless gamers all over the world. This game holds a spot in the gamers’ heart.