Why Were Dominion and Twisted Treeline Removed from LoL?

League of Legends is a game where you pick your favorite champions to battle through the game. Over the years, we have seen these champions, certain game modes, and other items come and go. It stings a little when prized features are removed from the game for good. In the past, we have seen Dominion and Twisted Treeline fall into this category. Many gamers were left asking why since they enjoyed the playing experience.


Dominion Game Mode Says Goodbye


Dominion is a game mode that contained quickly moving battles that made you practice and demonstrate the different skills of your favorite champion. When it was launched years ago, developers thought new players could receive a crash course of the game through this game mode. They also believed experience gamers could appreciate the different playing style that the game mode introduced.


Dominion was meant to be an alternative to regular game play. At the time, developers wanted to keep it as a permanent fixture within LoL. What they didn’t anticipate was the evolution of the League of Legends game itself. As the game became increasingly popular, the vision of what it was meant to be changed. After a few years, the creators thought the alternative game mode was best suited for a short cycle and shouldn’t be a fixture of the game. The decision to retire Dominion was best for the game.


Twisted Treeline Game Mode Is No More


Twisted Treeline has also been cut from the game. In July, League of Legends developers tired of this game mode. Twisted Treeline was known for its three versus three game play that was popular with a lot of fans. This game mode gave skins when you won gold or higher. Many were loyal to this mode just because of the chance to win the coveted skins. You can also level up in these alternate modes which was usually easier to do than the traditional way.


The removal of Twisted Treeline was also planned by LoL after deciding these modes weren’t meant to last. Although it ranked high in popularity, developers weren’t going to go back on their word and keep certain modes over others. They soon released notice that after Season Nine, the game mode is no more. A new game mode is going to replace it shortly. A lot of fans are going to miss this three versus three action, and online petitions had been started to try to keep it a permanent part of the game. It was to no avail, and the game mode was recently pulled for good.


League of Legends does plan on bringing back new game modes for users to try. They are making it known that the alternative game play is meant to be a brief escape from the main action. These new modes are only meant to be played for short cycles, so you shouldn’t get too attached to them. League of Legends is constantly changing, and the game modes are going to follow that same path.

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