Why Is TSM so Popular on Reddit

With more than 200 million followers in 2020 and revenues expected to reach $ 960 million this year, eSports is becoming a real flourishing industry. The world of eSports has been on an ever-increasing growth in recent times. TSM is the perfect example of this rapid progression.

Team SoloMid, known as TSM, is an American sports organization founded in 2009. Andy Reginald is the founding member. He is a pro LoL player and an entrepreneur. Read on the following facts that made TSM so popular on Reddit.

Team Presentation

TSM is an Esports team based in Los Angeles, California, founded by Andy Dinh in 2009 when he was 17 years old. TSM started as a community website publishing daily content for gamers, generating hundreds of millions of views, and eventually creating the best performing Western Esports team.

The popular gaming group has improved exponentially in the past ten years, with over 50 million subscribers from all social media channels. TSM is currently the team with the highest representation in the world's two most popular sports, League of Legends and Fortnite. TSM has also managed to win so many championships at the world's most famous gaming stadiums.

Team SoloMid, owned by Andy Dinh, is worth currently up to $400 million and has more than 39 players on seven different teams.

The Workgroup: Team SoloMid

The working group has purposely dedicated to improving its overall performance in the following points :

Size: The TSM working group consists of five active members, two alternate players, two mentors, and a general supervisor.

Maintained involvement: TSM members spend most of their time working together in practice, exercising strategies and tactics sessions, or playing games and exploring different play styles.

Integrated effort: The group can only win matches during international competitions through interconnected, coordinated work. Adopting a collaborative approach and choosing a teamwork strategy over individual skills is the key to their fame and glory.

The group plays with roughly 150 other international players in at least three competitive games each year. Since 2011, TSM has achieved five competitions in the North American League of Legends Championship Series. The team's high-level potential has managed to get many significant sponsorship's.

The Results

Winning games in the rival LoL gaming scene are crucial. Therefore, every team must play in significant sports with high levels of heated combat and experiencing challenging circumstances. At the beginning of the 2011 CS, TSM has become the only team to reach each of the NA LCS.

This integrity is displayed by the overall winning frequency of the team during significant events. Since 2011, TSM has raised the level of progress from 56 percent (around nine games) in the six years to 70 percent in 2016 (over 96 games in total). This led to the team winning the championship each year since 2012.

Although TSM has appeared in far more events and engaged in more games, it has managed to win over more and more professional competitors.

Practices In Play

Team SoloMid applies five central, interlinked strategies:

Commit to a common goal.

Optimize friction capacity.

Maximize performance path.

Reflect more to learn better.

Look for new perspectives.

The Bottom Line

Established in 2009 and generally recognized as one of North America's best eSport squads, Team SoloMid (TSM) is a community of professionals engaged in enhancing their competitiveness in the League of Legends.

Would they be able to maintain their place as NA's number one team and make it to the World Championship again? Time should tell.

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