Why Is League of Legends Unbalanced?

League of Legends is an online battle game that first came out in 2009. Since then, it has definitely lived up to its name. The video game is legendary among gamers, and creators claim tens of millions of users log in to League of Legends every month. It has a flair of fantasy, competition, and stunning imagery all rolled into one well-rounded package.


Nerfing and Buffing


The game is constantly changing and evolving. Anyone who plays it knows that things don’t stay the same for too long. If you play a champion, it could be good for one match but not necessarily the next.  Champions are routinely weakened and strengthened which adds to the dynamic of the game play. This is called nerfing and buffing. While this more often than not adds to fun of the video game, there are still issues that the changes can create. The biggest problem is creating an unbalanced game.


Sometimes, a League of Legends team can become powered to the point that it is too much. When playing, you experience a kind of play called meta. This means one type of play is preferred over others because to its power. In turn, this is how the overpowering happens. Buffed Champions are extremely powerful and can cause opponents to stall out in their game play. This causes in imbalance in the action that is a hot topic of debate. The Buffed Champions then become unplayable until calibration is done by the game makers.


Dynamic Gameplay


This also works the other way around as well. A weakened, or nerfed, player becomes ineligible to battle because it is not strong enough to battle even the regular Champions. League of Legends creators purposely recalibrate their players so that the game doesn’t become stagnant. They believe that if you play the same Champion in every match, the gameplay becomes predictable and boring. Buffing and nerfing creates an ever changing environment that is meant to level the playing field.


Of course, these recalibrations aren’t perfect and can cause severe unbalancing of a match that quickly ends or becomes unplayable. It is annoying, but League of Legends feel the benefits far outweigh the risks. When they release patches, it’s clear that they have no plans in stopping the constant change of Champions. For example, a recent release of a Champion, Zoe, created a lot of chaos in the game. She is a highly accurate assassin with huge numbers when it comes to game play. Her amped up persona guaranteed a high kill count, but those who played against her had no chance at fighting back. It took almost a month for her to be nerfed.


Whatever your feelings are about League of Legends, you have to admit it never gets old to play. The constant changing of the powers of Champions creates an interesting dynamic that energizes the game. There is never a dull moment with this video game, and it looks like the League of Legends creators like it that way.

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