What to Do for a Smooth and Fun LOL Gaming Experience

League can be more fun if you are playing with individuals you know. However, not all League of Legend friends is the same. If you are a beginner, joining those friends who have been binging on LOL since its beta is expected to land you in a match with individuals who are much more experienced than you.

This is not fun and can end up annoying the members of your team if you keep on dying. So if you begin talking to fellow gamers regarding jumping to League, ensure to find people who are patient and who are willing to play more the basic level more than they may be used to playing. Some individuals even create Smurf account for this particular purpose.

Other ways you can do for smooth and fun gaming experience are:

  • Ensure that You Stay in Your Desk


Most games played in Summoner’s Rift run between 30-45 minutes and can go more than an hour. There’s no pause button, once the game starts, you need to be prepared to commit yourself into the tasks at hand for as long as this takes. Not paying close attention and looking away from the screen for few seconds can result in numerous critical mistakes.


Save yourself from possible distractions or anything that would make you want to leave your desk or leave your computer before you get a to Summoner’s Rift. Put your mobile phone in

silent; make sure that your pets are in considerable distance from your computer and more.


Do not start a game if you know that you have to leave for school, for date and work in the next hours.


  • Stay Alive as Much as Possible


Death works in many cruel ways in LOL. Every time you die opponents who killed you get chunks of gold and of course, gain experience. These are assets which make them much more powerful and at the same time such death forces you to sit all through the extended which you from getting better gear, more gold and up. These become longer as the LOL game continuous, you keep dying so do not treat death lightly.


Also, retreat is a better option than heading to some sticky scenarios you do not think you will be able to survive.