What is Funneling in League?

League of Legends, and champion based Esports in general, is no stranger to exciting and unique strategies. 


One of the more interesting of these strategies is the concept of funneling, which is unique to MOBA gameplay. 


With MOBAs, you have a system that allows champions to grow in power as the game goes on. This is in the form of the shop and allows players to create unique and adaptable builds. 


Typically, this is balanced well, with progressive items costing more gold, making them only available to players in the late game. 


Funneling is a strategy that throws that concept out the window, instead focusing on hyper-leveling a champion to by far above that of your opponents. 


The idea is simple; you funnel as much as your teams gold as possible onto one hyper-carry champion that is going to dominate the mid lane. The result of this is a champion that crushes in team fights, giving you a significant advantage. 


The champion in question is usually someone like a Kai’Sa, or a Lucian or Irelia. 


The core foundation of this strategy focuses on how your junglers play their game. Rather than playing a typical jungle game, your junglers are going to act as support for your mid lane hyper-carry. 


They get jungle camps down to a point where the carry can swoop in and finish them off leisurely for the XP and gold, which is going to increase the rate at which they can be improved exponentially. 


As a competitive strategy, it certainly is unique, but is it worthwhile? Well, there are four particular instances in the LCS where the approach was used. It won half of those games and lost the other half. 


This makes it pretty difficult to say outright whether or not the strategy is worth using at a high level of gameplay. 


Although, for the typical ELO player, the viability of the strategy all depends on skill. 


Sure, the pros might have a hard time making it work against other pros, but when you’re in a low-level ELO game, chances are your opponents just aren’t going to have a counter for it. 


The strategy requires coordination to play against, which is something that a lot of low ranking teams severely lack. 


It’s a strategy that can’t really be patched out on account of how the game is structured, meaning it’s here to stay. So, if you want to give this strategy a try, there’s nothing stopping you. 

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