What is ELO Boosting?

If you have been playing League of Legends, you are probably well aware of all of the jargon associated with the game. One of the terms you might have come across is “ELO boosting.” What is ELO boosting, though, and what does it mean to you?


ELO Boosting – Defined


ELO boosting is a service for League of Legends players. Also known as Match Making Rating, or MMR, basically it is when a high ELO player plays another person’s player in order to increase…or boost…their game ranking.


In order to do this, the player wanting the boost, the boostee, will give the booster access to their account. Once the booster reaches a particular league, the boost is complete and the boostee gets their account back. Now, the boostee can play in a brand-new division without putting in the work.


While the account is going through the process of boosting, the account owner cannot log in or play League of Legends.


Benefits of ELO Boosting


As you can probably imagine, there are some benefits to ELO boosting. First, of course, this helps you to level up quickly and you can do things like unlock the end of season Victorious skin. You also might want to beat your previous season rank or elevate into Master tier. Other players just want to beat their friends or show off a high rank.


Another big benefit to ELO boosting includes not having to spend all of the hours playing the game. Instead, you can get to the level you want without having to spend all of the time doing it. For instance, if you are in Bronze 1 and want to get to Gold 4, you could spend months doing it. Or, you could throw down some cash for a booster, and get there in a matter of days.


Is ELO Boosting Safe?


You might be wondering if ELO boosting is safe. There is always the possibility that your account could get stolen when you allow someone else access to it. However, there are plenty of reputable boosting services out there to look into. There is also a chance that your account could get banned. Again, though, if you use a reputable service, you won’t really have to worry about that.


The other good thing about using a reputable ELO booster service is that they will use a unique IP address for each boost, so they wouldn’t have a big chance of getting caught doing this. So, yes, ELO boosting is pretty safe, though remember, there is always a small chance.


You can get an ELO boost for a few dollars all the way up to hundreds or thousands, so make sure you realize this before you take the leap…and happy gaming.