What Is the Highest Rank in Valorant?

With the game Valorant, there is a ranked mode, which is similar to that of League of Legends and Counter-Strike. This game is still in its early days, so it is hard to say what the competition is ultimately going to be. Since it isn’t off the ground all the way, we can only go by the fundamentals.


Requirements for Rank


Before you can get ranked, you’ve got to play 20 unrated matches. It doesn’t really matter if you lose or win them, but you’ve got to play them. However, it is a good idea to do your best because this is going to give you a matchmaking rating, which is hidden from you and others. Though no one knows your rank, you are pitted against other players with similar skills.


Once you’ve played the unrated games, you then play five different placement matches. Be as accurate as you can to earn a higher rank.


Performance is also taken into consideration at this time, so you can still get a higher rank, even if you lose every single placement match. If you’re topping the leaderboard, you’re going to get a higher position.


Divisions and Tiers


Valorant features eight different ranks. Iron, Silver, Bronze, Gold, Diamond, Immortal, and Platinum are all included, not necessarily in that order. Radiant is the highest rank you can get in this game. In the past, Valorant was the highest rank. However, Riot, the creators, changed the name because of backlash from the community.


Each rank features three tiers for which you’ve got to progress. Therefore, Iron 1 is the lowest, with Iron 3 being the highest rank in that division. Once you finish Iron 3, you are then promoted to the next tier. It’s also possible to skip divisions.


However, with Radiant, the highest Valorant Rank, you only have one tier.


How to Get Promoted


Promotion is hard to determine right now because the game isn’t fully released yet. No one really knows when you move up to the next rank. You can also get demoted, and this isn’t understood much, either. Riot hasn’t confirmed, but we think it’s based on that hidden matchmaking rating that you learned about earlier.


The good news is your rank isn’t going to ‘decay’ if you are inactive for a long period. Therefore, if you make it to the highest rank in the game, you are still there, even if you don’t play for months. However, with 14 days of inactivity, it is then hidden.


Consider testing out the new features. Patch 1.02 is now live and ready to play!