What Is Adaptive Force in League?

Adaptive force is the name given to effects that increase either ability power or attack damage. 


Which stat the effect increases depends on which stat the player already has more of.


The name is not widely used. Riot often prefers to individually mention the increase to attack damage or ability power over the use of adaptive force in its item descriptions. 


One point of adaptive force is equal to 0.6 points of attack damage or one point of ability power. 


As the name implies, adaptive force adapts to your build as you buy new items. So, if you gain more ability power than attack power mid-game, it switches which stat it is buffing. 


This works vice versa as well. 


How to Increase Adaptive Force


Adaptive force can be increased with the following runes, champion abilities, and runes:


  • Items:


  • Pilfered Potion of Rouge


  • Runes:


  • Absolute Focus
  • Zombie Ward
  • Waterwalking
  • Gathering Storm 
  • Conqueror
  • Eyeball Collection
  • Transcendence
  • Ghost Poro
  • Adaptive force rune shard


  • Champions:


  • Yuumi’s You and Me!


What Is Lethality?


Lethality is a champion statistic and a form of armor penetration. 


It was brought into the game in a patch in 2017. 


Lethality is converted to flat armor penetration once calculated. It scales based on the level of your opponent. 


It is used by the game to assist in damage calculations, where it reduces the target's armor. It cannot be reduced below zero, however. It also stacks additively. 


The point of lethality was to stop assassin champions falling off so hard when they are behind late game. The change was received as a general nerf by the player base despite this. 


It is worth noting that lethality and armor penetration are different from armor reduction.

Armor reduction can reduce a target's armor to below zero, and it affects every source of physical damage.


Lethality and armor penetration, on the other hand, cannot reduce armor below zero, and only the caster gets the benefits. 


All of these different conditions are calculated in this order:


  • Armor reduction, flat
  • Armor reduction, percentage
  • Armor penetration, percentage
  • Lethality


How Is It Calculated?


Lethality uses this equation to calculate flat armor penetration:




X in this equation stands for lethality, and Y stands for your opponent’s level. 


How Do I Increase Lethality?


Lethality can be increased with runes and items:


  • Runes:


  • Sudden Impact


  • Items:


  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Edge of Night
  • Serrated Dirk
  • Umbral Glaive
  • Sanguine Blade
  • Duskblade of Draktharr


What Is the Highest Lethality You Can Achieve?


The current maximum lethality that you can get is 81. This is achieved by using these lethality boosting items:


  • Runes:


  • Sudden Impact


  • Items:


  • Youmuu’s Wraithblade
  • Edge of Night
  • Duskblade of Draktharr
  • Serrated Dirk


It’s worth pointing out that this number can actually be increased to 117 when on Nexus Blitz. This was done with the help of the now-removed Spectral Cutlass and Sword of the Divine.

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