Voice Chat in League

One of the most important tools we have in competitive gaming is voice chat!


It’s what separates coordinated teams from uncoordinated teams in League of Legends and good duo’s from bad ones.


In my experience, voice chat can be a huge deciding factor in who wins the game.


Personally, I'm a firm believer that everyone who plays duo or flex competitively, regardless of rank should use voice chat. To me, intentionally staying out of communication with your team or duo queue partner is another way of not trying your hardest to win.


In competitive gaming, you should be trying your hardest to win! That’s the main reason the mode exists. There are several other modes for anybody who wants a more casual experience or doesn’t feel like communicating.


But, when voice chat isn’t available, what should you do?


For solo queue, pings are the best and fastest way of communicating with your team! At bronze it might not work, but it’s still a good habit to learn. It costs nothing to ping and is much, much faster than typing. However it's key to highlight that even if you ping missing it's often not enough.


At low elo, and sometimes in higher elo, roaming is the key for climbing and it's crucial to know when to follow the enemy mid laner and when to ping your teammates to back off instead.


There are lots of funny excuses for not being able to communicate when playing, here’s just a few of them!


"I don’t have a microphone." or “I can’t afford a microphone.” Microphones have become very cheap over the Years, you can even pick one up for less than 5 dollars. Of course it won’t be the best sounding, but it’ll be faster than typing and easier to communicate with your team.


"I don’t need to communicate with my team or duo” Obviously, it’s possible to win without voice chat when playing with a team or in duo. It’s also possible to win by playing with one hand or while sitting upside down with your feet in the air. Of course, that doesn’t make any of those things a good idea. Being in voice chat, is simply an advantage to most players.


Now, what about the negatives of using voice chat ingame?


Some players who use voice chat ingame tend to be less efficient and can sometimes lose track of vital information while playing. Some players also feel as if they cannot concentrate fully when having to focus on speaking at the same time.


In conclusion, to any players that want to get better at league of legends, voice chat and communicating is the first step. No matter if it’s through pings or voice communication, it can only help you! Coordinating ults, summoner spells, teamfights and when to group is all vital information.


Thank you to Vexera, a Discord Music Bot for creating this blog post. If you’re looking to add music to your voice communication, check them out.