Valorant Ranked System Explained

Are you a fan of the multiplayer first-person tactical game, Valorant? The object of Valorant is to work in teams of five and attempt to destroy your opponents’ side. As you progress through the missions, points are earned based on successes, which then place you and your teammates on a ranking system. 


The ranking system is only available in the Competitive Mode of the game; however, to enter Competitive Mode, you must successfully compete in 20 rounds in the Unrated Mode. After you have completed the matches, then Competitive Mode unlocks, and you can resume your progression through the ranks.


Valorant has a total of eight ranks, with each rank having three tiers. 


The ranks, from top to bottom, are as follows:


  • Valorant 
  • Immortal
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Iron 


In Valorant, you can battle against other players who are two ranks either above or below your ranking. If you are a Diamond player, you can play with Valorant, Immortal, Platinum, or Gold. 


How do you progress through the ranks? 


It is not enough to just win matches in the game – the game uses algorithms to determine how you won these matches. The more complex a game is, the greater the skill required; therefore, the higher you move in the ranking. Imagine you are near the verge of losing to your opponent, but somehow miraculously defeat them. This victory is going to increase your skills and move you up in the tiers within the ranks. 


Something to keep in mind when playing Valorant and moving up the ranks is that you can slip down in ranks. You may also find that your points reset. Typically, a reset happens when you have been inactive for more than 14 days. When it comes to dropping in ranks, this is normal as it is based on your win to lose ratio. The more games you win, along with more advanced skills, the higher you are going to be. 


In your Valorant profile, there is going to be one of three arrows indicating whether you moved up, down, or neutral. Green arrows indicate your movement up, red arrows indicate your change down, and grey arrows indicate a breakeven status. In other words, you move neither up nor down in ranking.


Valorant is a game that is both strategy and skill-based. To progress from tier to tier and rank to rank, Valorant factors your performance both in individual matches as well as your overall gameplay.