Transitioning Between Comps in TFT

In TFT, understanding how your random units synergize together and how you can transition from one team composition to another is the key to victory. Everybody wants to win, so how can you play with what you got more efficiently? Transitions require drafting knowledge (as you need to understand why certain champions excel in your team comp). It also requires you to identify what the enemy team is building, as counterbuilding is crucial (you don’t want to build a team that has a terrible matchup against your enemies).


Some tips to consider while transitioning may seem obvious but are nonetheless extremely important to remember. First things first, you might have to abandon one team composition for another if you’re losing, as you being eliminated early on is something you should try to prevent. You should also change up your team if the current team you have is countered by your enemies. Don’t forget that you don’t only want tier 1 units on your team, so you should try to find some tier 4 or tier 5 champions to round your team out.


Likewise, if you cannot find the right champion for your comp or the enemies already have that champion, then you need to transition your team to a different, possibly less ideal comp. Adapting to your current situation is the most important thing to consider when playing to TFT, as you cannot always rely on getting lucky and finding the champions you’re looking for. Naturally, you lose some 10g here and there as you try to hoard some units while figuring out what your team is going to become. A team that doesn’t transition or adapts is a team that throws.


One tip that can help you transition between comps in TFT is experience. Practice makes perfect, and remembering what champions work well together and which don’t is an obvious, but sometimes overlooked, tip for when it comes to transitioning. If your experience is lacking, even watching a streamer or pro play can get you the first-hand insight you’re looking for.


Transitions require commitment, as you have to sell champions to make room for better ones. If you already have an excellent foundation, you might not want to sell your best champion right away just for the uncertainty of what the future may bring you. You have a lot of time in TFT to freely consider your options and investments, as transitioning is all about synergy. Do you commit to an all mech-pilot squad, or are you willing to commit to the infamous Astro Snipers team comp? What items do you have that benefit the team comp you’re looking for?


Itemization plays a huge role for your team in TFT, so you have to keep in mind the various elements that RNG plays in how you transition in TFT. However, that isn’t to say it’s an entirely luck-based game. Adapting to your circumstances is the single most important trait to have for winning in TFT, as that allows you to recognize which items and champions you have can best work for you in the future. Transitions require investment and identifying what your enemies have, so you have to figure out what works best together in this current game.