The Story of the All-Female Team: Vaevictis

If you never heard of Vaevictis Esports, you missed out on the story of the first All-Female roster to compete in the League of Legends Continental League. While not many people knew about this Russian esports team, a decision made by the management team in 2019 got the attention of the League of Legends community worldwide.


Vaevictics Esports is an esports organization that was founded in 2015. The teams are known to play on Overwatch, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Point Blank, and League of Legends. The League of Legends team regularly competed in the LCL up until 2020, when the team was removed.


The First All-Female Roster in the League of Legends Continental League 


In February 2019, Vaevictis Esports announced that it was going to compete in the LCL with an all-female roster, which was a first in a League of Legends competitive league. This announcement was not taken kindly among some people in the community, labeling the decision as a ‘publicity stunt.’


The reason for people believing that this was purely marketing was that the players were in the ‘Diamond’ rank and that the roster mostly used support mains. The community believed that the players didn’t meet the skill requirements to compete in a professional league.


The roster that competed in the 2019 LCL was the following one:


  • Diana “TR1GGERED” Ivanchenko – Top Lane
  • Aida “Merao” Kazarya - Jungler
  • Nataliya “Ankote” Zayko - Support
  • Elena “VioletFairy” Koval – Mid-Lane
  • Ksenia “Trianna” Meshcheryakova - AD Carry


Vaevictis’ Poor Run


The issue itself wasn’t the roster. Vaevictis played poorly in the LCL, losing every single match that they held in the two splits, resulting in a win/lose score of 0-28. Statistics showed that the team had an average of 26 deaths per match, which made opposing teams not take Vaevictis seriously.


After the poor skills showed by the roster, opposing teams started to use non-meta picks to make fun of the group. One of the most problematic events in the LCL was when Vaevictis went against RoX and Vega Squadron since those teams used non-meta picks and dragged the matches to get more kills, which the LCL took as poor sportsmanship.


For the next two matches after the warning, Vega Squadron defeated Vaevictis in 13 minutes and four seconds and 15 minutes and 21 seconds, respectively, which set the record for the fastest defeats in the entire LCL.


Vaevictis Kicked Out of the LCL 2020 Season


After everything that happened in the last LCL, Riot Games Russia decided to remove Vaevictis Esports from the LCL 2020 season. The reason for this was because the team had massive differences in the league’s results, compared to other teams, which the organization claimed as a poor and unacceptable performance for a closed league. 


The spot left by Vaevictis in the 2020 LCL is going to be taken by the Esports Team ‘CrowCrowd,’ which is owned by the former pro player Kirill ‘Likkrit’ Malofeev. This doesn’t mean that Vaevictis can’t rejoin the LCL. The team can play in the Open Cup, and climb up from there to regain their spot at the LCL.




While last year may not have been the time for all-female teams, it doesn’t mean that there are not highly-skilled female players on the LoL community. Whether you’re male or female, you can reach a professional skill level if you practice enough.