The Most Common Mistakes in Low ELO

It takes some time to get the hang of League of Legends. Climbing the ranks is not meant to be smooth sailing by any means, but if you find yourself always working hard and getting nowhere it can make you want to give up. Despite analyzing what the professionals are doing and reviewing statistics over and over again, nothing seems to be working. Don’t fret! All hope isn’t lost. We often make easy mistakes that can affect our rating significantly. Some of the most common ones are listed below.


 Creating a Nuisance


Bothering an opponent in League of Legends is part of the game. You want to get in another gamer’s head to increase your chances of winning. It may be fun, but there is such a thing as over harassing an opponent. If it gets in the way of your playing, you need to tone it down. Think about it--If you are bothering an opponent but not increasing your kill streak or stats, it is probably getting to be too much.


Not Enough Vision


A lot of League of Legends players like to set up wards since vision is often times the best way to win a match. You can place wards and clean out your opponent’s all day long, but you also need to look at the vision you created. You need to keep an eye on the map if you want your wards to work. The map needs to be your guide to get you to where you need to go. This is especially true when you are farming. Take advantage of looking at the map on a regular basis.


Too Many Mains


If you find yourself maining almost every Champion in LoL, you are doing too much. Yes, there is a debate about whether this is the right strategy to take when playing, but it’s not. If you do have low ELO and are constantly maining, try only using a handful of Champions at the most. That way, it is easier to keep who you are playing straight in your head. You don’t want to make the game too complicated by forcing yourself to learn everything you can about all the Champions.


Position Yourself Right


When fighting, positioning yourself could be the key to winning. Take a look at where you stand during team and solo fights. You want to fight as many Champions as possible but also inflict damage to as many as you can. Depending on who you are, analyze where you stand. A lot of times we don’t realize that we are sitting in harm’s way until it is too late. Staying alive is key when you find yourself suffering in the ranks.


If you find yourself in low ELO, you need to make the necessary steps to get you out of your unwanted situation. We are often self-sabotaging ourselves when we make simple mistakes like the ones listed. Make sure when you play, you pay attention to the details. That is where your success is hiding.