The History of Runeterra

What is Runeterra? 


Runeterra is a magical world in the game of League of Legends. This fictional world is where most of the lore behind the game takes place. Runeterra is a comprehensive place that has its own set of rules and jurisdictions. For example, the planet has several forms of government and levels of technology. 


The physical properties of Runeterra are an important part of its historical and current geography. The planet is currently the home of the two continents Shurima and Valoran. Of course, there is some suspicion that more continents exist, but they have yet to be found or named. Runeterra is also home to water bodies, including seas and oceans, in which several islands are situated. 


Runeterra has a natural satellite moon that revolves around it, while the entire planet rotates around a G-type star. The sun and moon for this world are mirrored in a spirit realm. This connection also for several gateways between Runeterra and the spirit world. 


The Rune Wars


The Rune Wars play a big part in the history of Runeterra. The wars began after ‘World Runes’, or ancient artifacts were discovered. Over time, the most brilliant minds studied the runes to determine what they were used for and what kind of power the runes had. There were different takes on the matter, some of which said the World Runes were inherently evil and should be locked away. 


Once news of the runes became more well known, war broke out on the planet. Some wanted to find the runes to protect the people, while others searched for the runes to release the powers within. Eventually, Ryze embarked on a solo journey to see all of the runes to protect the planet from destruction. 


What Makes it Special?


Interestingly, the universe was created by magic, which is reflected in its name. Runeterra translates to Magic Earth. This distinction is important because not all worlds in League of Legends respond to magic the same way. 


There are magical beings throughout the planet of Runeterra. Some are born with it, while others can learn magic or perform it with the aid of magical artifacts and techniques. The different levels of magic can be broadly broken down into primary and combined magic. 


Additionally, Runeterra is home to many different races. While most are human, there are other races of inhabitants as well. For example, the primary sapien races include humans, ascended, brackern, celestials, dragons, golems, spirits, watchers, yetis, and trolls. These are only some of the primary sapiens races. The actual number is vast and diverse. 


Interestingly, there are also other races. These races have some qualities as the primary race, such as complex behaviors and thoughts, but they act more as background roles. 


Final Remarks 


Runeterra is a planet with a rich history of magic. Over time it has developed into one of the main planets in the League of Legends game. Understanding its history can help make you a better player in this interactive game.