The Future of LOL Game Unveiled

Countless individuals have encountered League of Legends, and they find this to be a fun, silly and competitive game. Many have indeed worked hard to deliver true evolution of League of Legends, and through the positive feedbacks and comments, it is just fair to say that game developers have created a great play that ensures the most exciting and refined gameplay experience that only League of Legends can offer.

Future of LOL Game According to Founders of Riot

According to Riot Games recent statistics, LOL has amassed about 100 million unique and active monthly users. This is a figure that even doubles since its launch.

Something very massive was exclusively conceived by two men Marc Merril and Brandon Beck, the founders of Riot Games and have sent MOBA genre stratospheric. The pair has led the gaming company for one decade. They are now reflecting in the journey and were the Riot company with over $1.4 billion estimated revenue will be heading next.

LOL Champions’ Pools Have Swelled Over 130 Playable Characters. Is It Enough And Will The Riot Stop Making More?

According to Brandon Beck, one of the common challenges of bringing in more champions is that this can raise the barrier for entry as well as the amount of knowledge that you have to keep the game going. Every time they are adding complexities or learning barriers, they seriously take into consideration the cost. They thought about the cost a lot and decided that there are many possibilities to deal with this, but they will cross the bridge if they have to. The company do not want to make rash decisions in the short term.

These are the reasons why the company is still doing lots of reworks since apparently; there are plenty of other charming champions collecting some dust, or it has been a while since they want back, and they touched them.

League is continuously evolving, and individuals can expect more from League of Legends in the future including drastic changes they plan to implement for the betterment of the game and gamers’ ultimate experience.  The future of League of Legends is very promising, and gamers can expect the best from this game such as thrill, fun, competitiveness and enjoyment.  More individuals are believed to continue being hooked with this game even in the future. League of Legends is indeed an intrinsic part of the gaming community, and this remains even for the longest years to come.