The Best League of Legends Players in the World

The League of Legends community is in no shortage of talent, you can be damn sure of that. Players from every part of every country of every continent on the globe compete to prove their worth and make their mark. 


99.9% of these players never make it to the big leagues. Some end up falling just short, others give up too early, and a few never had the skill to make it in the first place. 


For the .1% that do make it, fame and fortune await. Many of the world’s best pros are revered by their countrymen and held up as heroes. They develop cults of personalities and make the kind of money most can only dream of. 


These living legends are the topic of this article, the three best League of Legends players kind enough grace our screens with their skills.


The Best: Faker


It doesn’t matter where you go, what you read, or who you ask. Faker is the first name on everybody’s lips when you ask them who the greatest of all time is.


Playing for SK Telecom T1 (SKT T1), the man has been dubbed “the unkillable demon king.” This says all it needs to. 


He is the mid lane ace of T1, often single-handedly blowing the game open for his team with his unbelievable plays.


His ability to find holes in enemy setups is unrivaled, as too is his ability to exploit them. 


Faker is without a doubt the absolute GOAT.


SK Telecom T1’s Clid


Another player from T1, Clid has proved himself to be arguably the most valuable player of SK Telecom T1’s roster this year. Even more-so than Faker.


T1’s jungler is a terrifying presence on the map. Often teaming up with the previously mentioned Faker, Clid acts as the catalyst for his team.


He is a great team player, understanding his catalyst role to a fault. He lays the foundation upon which his teammates build their houses. He sets up and supports his team better than any other player in the world.


Coming from humble beginnings, Clid was a relatively unknown player at the start of the year. It’s safe to say that people know who he is now. 


Doinb From FunPlus Phoenix


Doinb is an instrumental cog in the FunPlus Phoenix machine that took home the world championship this year. 


He is a selfless player that does what it takes for his team to gain the advantage. when that means that he has to give up his lane or farms to help where he’s needed, then so be it. 


This kind of attitude isn’t one that results in a flashy scoreboard, but one that enables his team to perform to the level that they do. 


He is an emotional player, forgoing the stoic demeanor and instead opting to openly express himself during his games, celebrating wildly for victories, and meekly hanging his head in defeat. 


While there are plenty of other world-class competitors out there, these three are a step above the competition. Possessing not only raw individual skills, but they also have a selfless attitude that allows them to prioritize winning over their own performance. 


If you want to be in that .1% then these are the guys to study.