Picking the Right League of Legends Playstyle for You

League of Legends is a simple game with a massive learning curve. With over 130 champions it is impossible to master them all. It is essential not to try to learn them all and instead focus on mastering two champions.

Ideally, you should master two champions with different playstyles. Not only does this give you a backup option if your primary champion is already in use, but it also allows you to change your playstyle to better serve your team.

One on One Roles

There are three primary one on one roles in League of Legends. These are the tank, duelist, and ranged. Each of these roles offers completely different playstyles and provide various services to the team.

Tanks act as a damage sponge, forcing all enemies to target them. The tank can take on several enemies at once because of their massive amounts of armor and health. While their damage output is typically low, bringing a well-played tank down can take two or even three enemy champions.

Duelist is League’s melee DPS role. These champions have higher armor than ranged DPS, though less thank the tank. They serve as an intermediate role, able to absorb damage and deal it back out.

Ranged champions are primarily damage dealers. When appropriately played a ranged DPS champion can unleash massive amounts of damage on the enemy, but they cannot take much damage. An enemy champion can easily overpower a ranged champion if they can close the gap between them.

Middle Ground Roles

League also offers roles for players who want a more balanced champion. These roles serve equally well in solo play and team play.

Assassins can create a snowball advantage thanks to their high mobility and burst damage. Keeping up with an assassin can be difficult, and they can easily be used to lure you into a trap.

Control mages are an excellent choice for bringing down minions. While they can be useful against enemy champions as well, they perform best against groups of minions thanks to their AOE, area of effect, attacks. These attacks do lower damage to single targets, but when properly used, can be used to dispatch large groups of enemies quickly.

Roamers are great reinforcement champions. This is thanks to their abilities that allow them to traverse the map quickly. A roamer can be the first to arrive when you call for backup. If you want to be a reinforcer primarily, this is the role for you.

Heavy Hitters

The ADC classes are the hardest hitters in the game, but like ranged DPS, they are vulnerable to attack. These include the Hyper-Carriers, lane bullies, and utility classes. Each of these can deal out large amounts of damage, but they generally perform best as part of a team.

Some champions in these classes can also be quite boring at the beginning of a match. As you level up and improve your character, however, they do allow for more user interaction.


Determining your playstyle in League of Legends not only determines your role on the team but also which champions you play as. Try each of the different positions until you find the two you enjoy most, then master a champion for each.

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