NA’s Hopes at the League of Legends Championship

Team Liquid: NA’s Hopes at the League of Legend’s Championship


With Cloud9’s elimination, it’s now Team Liquid’s time to shine in the 2020 League of Legend’s Championship. Due to Cloud9, who was NA’s star, being eliminated, Team Liquid has become the number one team to represent NA.


For many years, Cloud9 was the one to make it through to the knockout stage. Nonetheless, this quickly ended when Cloud9 was kicked from the World's convention. The question now is, "What is Team Liquid doing to try to fill the big shoes left by Cloud9?"


Team Liquid is equipped with AD carry Tactical, who is a budding young star. Along with this, the team is also comprised of Broxah, Impact, Jensen, and CoreJJ. All of these players hope to erase their past failures by delivering a strong performance in the World’s.


There are talks that Team Liquid stands a good chance of gaining a favorable group draw and being sent to the knockout stage.

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What Are the Hopes of NA’s Team Liquid at the League of Legend’s Championship?


One of the most apparent hopes that most teams hope to achieve in the League of Legend's Championship is to win a lot, as well as win consistently. Team Liquid hopes to accomplish this and deliver an insanely durable relevance. The team understands the need for this hope, as this is a quality that they need to have in order to become the central legacy team.


Team Liquid hasn't had this opportunity to represent NA in such a way, as Cloud9 was always seen as the strongest team among all of NA. Nonetheless, now is the time for Team Liquid to shine as they are seen as NA's best representation in the Worlds. Team Liquid hopes to sustain this leading and wants to deliver an epic performance to ensure they remain as the leading team for NA.


Cloud9 has made the finals seven times since the 2014 Summer Split. However, the team has only won once. Team Liquid hopes to even this out and showcase that the team is on the same level as Cloud9 by taking home a win.


Team Liquid's ultimate hope is to become NA's top-performing team and earn the NA's region legacy title. The team hopes to continue to be a main rivalry against the other teams of NA, as this can provide epic results. Their goal is to help generate the most intense best of fives, the most in-depth storylines in the LCS, and create the wildest trades.


The members of Team Liquid hope to provide heavy competition, as well as heavy camaraderie. Team Liquid wishes to be in a similar position to CLG when competing in the League of Legend's Championship, as opposed to that of C9.


Team Liquid’s goal is for members to establish deep bonds with members of other teams. This allows the team to gain external help from other organizations, as well as helping these other organizations.


All of these goals help build Team Liquid’s ambition of putting NA on the map and having Team Liquid seen as the powerhouse of the NA organization. Winning the League of Legend’s Championship, or placing decently can help achieve this goal.