Most Popular League Streamers

Of course, there are endless League streamers that can be followed. Remember, League of Legends is a highly popular video game. Many people produce content about it, and most of it is found on the Twitch platform.


When you’ve got thousands of people streaming it, you could find it challenging to find the right match. However, we have come up with a short list of some League Streamers you may want to consider following.




Yiliang Peng is better known as Doublelift, and this character is famous for being an LCS great. He’s actually a good ADC player and has a confident attitude, which makes him popular with fans throughout the world. He’s also humorous and outgoing, so viewers are always engaged. Though stream times can dip through the professional season, if he goes live, he gets countless viewers in a hurry.




Tyler Steinkamp is known better as Tyler1 and is a top streamer for League of Legends. He has plenty of view counts and followers. However, he used to be called the most toxic player in LoL, so he focuses on staying an aggressive and loud streamer on this platform. He can hype up the audience and focuses on being assertive. Therefore, he’s a beloved figurehead here. Regardless of what others think of his personality, he’s always an entertainer first.


TF Blade


TF Blade has been called the mechanical genius for a while. Ashkan Homayouni is his actual name, and he always tries to be best at what it does. He’s the top-lane player and has dominated the North American section. He’s also made many trips to other regions to rank as number one, too. He’s very passionate, so his stream persona is often as a person of authority. He is going to tell you like it is, even if you don’t want to hear it.




With all the yelling you’re sure to hear from the other streamers, you can then watch Chris Enteria (SirhcEZ) to wind down. He’s been a League of Legends streamer for more than five years and probably hasn’t screamed once during his videos. He’s been a top-lane player of high ranking ever since Season 3, even when he played against Dyrus and other top professionals. Now, he’s known as a chill League streamer. You’re sure to have a very relaxing experience with his calm and cool demeanor.




Hammoudi A. is Yassuo, but people also call him Moe. He was a late bloomer and only arrived on the Twitch scene in 2016. Still, he’s highly energetic and wants to get a reaction from others. Therefore, his style is to get the response, whether it is negative or positive. Such engagement levels helped him become a prominent League streamer.




Zachary Scuderi (Sneaky) is an original League top streamer. When Cloud9 first took the professionals by storm, he was starting the Twitch game. In fact, he was a pro player who wanted to be part of the streaming scene. His early streams had everyone laughing, and he keeps with the same persona today. Plus, he’s very consistent.