Most Overpowered Champions in League of Legends

In a game as large as League of Legends, with over 130 playable champions and growing, it is impossible to keep every character perfectly balanced. Even Blizzard, who has had 15 years of practice can’t keep its, comparatively limited, class selection balanced.

With the inevitable imbalance of such a large number of champions to choose from, some rise to the esteemed ‘OP’ rank. Below are some of the most overpowered champions in the game currently.

Top Lane


Darius is an excellent choice for solo queue play. He is rising through the ranks as a top champion and currently boasts an impressive 50.16% win rate. Even accounting for individual player skill level, it is clear that Darius is a champion to consider if you want to blow the competition away.

The ability that makes Darius so dangerous is his Hand of Noxus attack. This attack deals massive amounts of damage throughout the game. Thanks to this, Darius can use tank items to reduce his damage taken, without sacrificing DPS.


Yasuo, The Unforgiven is another OP Top-Lane champion. Yasuo scales well as the game progresses but shines at the beginning of the match. His high mobility and burst damage make Yasuo lethal in one on one battles. His high mobility also allows him to easily escape when needed.


Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is quickly becoming a favorite character to carry matches. Xin Zhao is a snowball champion. What makes him unique is that he does not need a multitude of kills to snowball. After only a few kills, he snowballs into an incredibly powerful champion that can quickly destroy enemy champions before they even have time to react.



Zed has only recently reemerged into relevance. For a while, players hardly used Zed after being nerfed, but with recent patch updates, he has enjoyed a resurgence. Zed does ridiculous amounts of damage to enemies, but that is not the only thing that makes him OP. His ultimate attack can bring down just about anyone on the map, even a tank. When it comes to raw damage output, Zed is a force to be reckoned with.

If you want to play as Zed, however, you may have to search around a bit. He currently has a 9.13% ban rate, so expect to miss out on the occasional game if you want to use him exclusively.


The nine-tailed fox has always been a popular champion and has consistently been at the top of the charts. She has seen a few drops but still manages to stay relevant. With the most recent patch, however, her Charm ability has become even more useful. With her current Charm ability, Ahri can interrupt in-progress dash abilities. Good luck getting away from Ahri now.



Ezreal holds his spot on the OP list thanks to his high damage output. He also does extremely well in team play. Ezreal also boasts a safe playstyle, making him difficult to defeat in 1v1.


Riot is always working to balance their characters better and in doing so, often makes several champions overpowered. It is a vicious cycle that is likely to continue as long as the game itself.

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