LoL Most Underrated Yet Very Powerful Characters

League of Legends or LoL is full of very powerful hero used over and over again in online fights. However, some faces seem to show up less than others in spite of being just as valuable as their more famous battleground brethren.  That is why we are going to highlight two of the underrated heroes which every player must get accustomed with if they want to take control of their game, and control the field.


This is one of the misunderstood characters in LoL games. This heavy metal beast is often forced to fulfill the job of a tank when in reality he is a support DPS champion through and through. Blitzcrank overdrive talent is a typical melee DPS steroid while his ability firsts are made to disrupt and dole out serious damage. These aren’t the power of tanks, so it makes no sense why many players play him as one most of the time.

He is a leading utility champion, as his trademark rocket grab power enables him to grab champions from a distance and then forward you and your teammates. This amazing move is an epic initiating skill which takes lots of practice to master but can be effective in the right hands. This hero is a remarkable minion farmer, as his ultimate can be blasted to take out a whole creep waver every thirty to sixty seconds.


While she is no stranger to high-level match, Janna seems to be viewed less and less at this point in casual online matchmaking. She is a supremely valuable support champion which is a master of lots of trades, farming, pushing, protecting as well as interrupting.  Her whirlwind power with a bit of ability power, allows her to take out the whole waves of minions of interrupt whole teams in battle with its knock-up effect. She has an extremely potent slow spell which she can utilize to chase down opponents or prevent teammates from being killed or swallowed up by pursuing enemies.

If your enemies manage to get a hand on the ever-elusive Janna or her well-protected allies, then she even has an armor that can set off on herself, a tower or a friend.  Her shield isn’t just small-time protection either; it scales well with AP and can secure 1,000 times of damage. Janna can give mass amounts of damage to the secured user too.