LoL - Is This a Good Game?

Do you want to try playing the League of Legends? This game is easy to learn despite having lots of items and mechanics needed. League of Legends is also a good starter in MOBAs especially if you are thinking about getting into them. However, level of enthusiasm with League of Legend still depends if you are new to this game or not or you are an inexperienced gamer who is faced with some difficult times.

LOL is one of the most played online games worldwide for good reasons. Millions of individuals are playing this game, and most of them have certainly seen its worth. Some play LOL from time to time, and some play continuously, and all of them can attest that League of Legends is such a good and fun game to play. You might also find out that LOL game is better played with friends that to play it solo.

If you are starting, this is going to be challenging and rough for you. Riot got plenty of works to ensure much better experiences for new users. Smurfs sometimes run rampant, tutorials are outdated, and level 30 can get tiring after quite a while. As you try to level up, you will realize that there are a lot more mechanics than what you might have realized. Also, level 30 is entirely different from levels 28 and 29.

Toxicity can be a problem. With League of Legends being a free game, anybody can download this. If the players have been banned for their moves or actions permanently, they enable anybody to create more accounts. There are even some cases that result to IP ban, and this means that those individuals being thrown out due to death threats or racial slurs can come back easily and then do it once again under a new account. This happened many times before. It’s fair also to say that anonymity is such a powerful thing.

If you end up abusing the mute button, this becomes more tolerable. Additionally, if you play with your friends, this becomes a lot of fun and thrill. ELO got nice weight into it when talking about this to other individuals with the same interests.

This comes down as to whether you are having fun or not. LOL, what does this game meant to you? Are you tired of playing? Then take some break. Play with your friends later on. League of Legends is fun, and it’s all worth it. Only you as a gamer can have your final say.