LoL Account Creation Guide

LoL Account Creation Guide

Here is the quick guide to the creation of League of Legend account. LoL is an awesome MOBA game available online. It’s free to play, and for sure you will be hooked the moment you try it.

In League of Legends players are split into teams of three to five and get to pick a character or champion. Then they play a match that takes between twenty to forty minutes. The objective is to push past your enemies defenses and beat their HQ. At present, there are 83 champions available in League of Legends, but there’s a new one released about every three to four weeks so this game never gets stale. Every single character also has an exceptional set of abilities and base stat that set them apart from all other characters and makes them exceptional. You also have the chance to buy items during the match that boost your champion stat further and make them exceptionally yours.

If you want to level up your champion and customize them outside of the match, League of Legends has you covered too. As you play matches, you’ll gain experience and IP. This experience boosts your summoners level while the IP allows you to purchase new champions and runes. The maximum level in this game is thirty. As you make your way to the level thirty, you will undo new mastery points as well as rune slots. Then you can purchase runes using your IP and allocate mastery points to strengthen your champion in certain aspects of your choice like defense, attack, magic damage, and many others.

Are you ready to start?

Creating a LoL account is easy. This is the same to most other online video games. However, be aware that the account name you register with is not the name you’ll appear under in the game. You will utilize this name to log into the game. After downloading the game and logged in, you will need to pick your summoners name that is the name you’ll appear under to all the other players playing the League of Legends.

Now, you have completed LoL account creations and are ready to start playing the game. There are lots of video games available out there, but League of Legends is the best. At first, you may find it hard to play the game but constant practice you will get used to it.

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