League of Legends’ New Champion: Samira

The League of Legends has recently been releasing different champions. Yone and Lillia were released back-to-back by Riot Games. Nonetheless, these releases weren't enough for League of Legends as fans have just heard confirmation that the game is releasing a new champion, Samira. 


The same Brazilian content creator, Streamie, responsible for leaking the Spirit Blossom skins, Yone, and Lillia, is also responsible for leaking Samira, a Noxian markswoman that's equipped with a jaw-dropping kit. This leak triggered the developer's new champion trailer. The League of Legends recently gave fans an official look at the abilities that the Desert Rose holds. 


This is everything we know about Samira so far:


Who Is Samira


Similar looking to Miss Fortune's Cowgirl skin, Samira is designed as a Noxian markswoman. She is also equipped to fight off enemies using a sword or gun.


The aesthetic that Samira holds can be compared to that of the champion named Valla from Heroes of the Storm. According to Streamie, both of the champions’ ultimates, along with several other qualities, are similar.


What Abilities is Samira Designed With?


Q – Flair


When Samira fires a shot, she has a dealing of X physical damages to the first enemy hit. Samira instead slashes with her sword if this ability is cast towards any enemy present while on melee range, as it has a dealing of X physical damages.


Each one of these hits has the ability to critically strike and receive bonus damage of 25 percent. Samira also holds the ability upon completion to strike all enemies that she faces in her path, if cast, while in the duration of Wild Rush (E).


Passive – Daredevil Impulse


Samira is designed to build combo abilities that are unique from a previous hit or hitting attacks. Each previous hit allows her to increase her Style. She can increase to a total of six from 'E' grade to 'S' grade. She also possesses the ability to gain an X percent movement speed for each grade.


Samira’s attacks also deal an additional X magic damage while in melee range. This magic damage is increased based on the missing health of the target. The attacks produced by Samira against enemies are knocked up for 0.5 seconds when affected by immobilizing effects and hold the ability to deal with damage over six different attacks. Samira is also designed to dash into ranges against targets that aren't quite in her attack range.


R – Inferno Trigger


This inferno trigger can only be used if Samira’s current Style rating is ‘S.' This ability allows Samira to unleash a stream of shots from her weapons to shoot at her enemies that surround her ten times over a duration of two seconds. Each of these shots applies lifesteal and can deal X physical damage. Along with this, each shot possesses the ability to critically strike. 


W – Blade Whirl


Samira is equipped to slash around her for a duration of one second. This action damages enemies twice and gains X physical damage while destroying any enemy missiles present in the area.


E – Wild Rush


Samira gains attack speed while slashing enemies she dashes through. This ability’s cooldown is refreshed by killing an enemy champion.